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Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh says she was a spectacle in high school. “I was a typical drama freak who needed to express herself,” says Oh, 34. “My favorite outfit was bright orange palazzo pants that I’d wear with this beat-up tuxedo jacket. And I’d have my hair up with a giant bow.” A less girly phase also drew attention. “I went through an Annie Lennox period in high school,” says Oh. “My hair was really short. I started getting a complex because everyone thought I was a boy.”

Schroder’s Medical Malpractice

Don’t tell producers of Lifetime’s drama Strong Medicine, but their new surgeon gets squeamish around blood. “I can’t stand it,” says Rick Schroder, 35, who recently joined the cast. “Sometimes I feel myself starting to panic [on the set]. My hands will be inside a bloody, prosthetic stomach, and it all looks so real that I’m staring like I’m in shock. Then I remember, The camera’s rolling—I’ve got to do something.’ ” But Schroder, whose feature directorial debut in the drama Black Cloud is out on DVD, maybe getting too comfortable with his role. “I was in a gas station today, and this woman had a nosebleed,” he says. “I felt compelled to offer assistance. I forgot that I’m a pretend doctor.”

Scarlett: Not Fantasy Island
For Scarlett Johansson, just making it. to the set of her sci-fi thriller The Island was an accomplishment. “I got my tonsils removed a week before production started. I [felt like I] was on my deathbed,” says the actress, 20, who soon discovered the film’s action scenes were just as brutal. “The first day of work, I thought I was going to die,” says Johansson of her role as a human clone fleeing her sinister creators. “I couldn’t run any longer. I was so sore.” Her misery found company in costar Ewan McGregor. “Ewan had bruises and deep gashes,” she says. “It wasn’t so bad knowing somebody else was in agony.”

Chad and Hilary: The Birds and the Babies

Chad Lowe and wife Hilary Swank are proud parents of two parrots: Seuss and Angel. “[Hilary and I] are very eager to have kids, and having parrots is great baby training,” says Lowe, 37, who will cohost AMC’s new show Celebrity Charades(premiering June 20). “They need to be fed twice a day, they need love and support, and we teach them their ABCs. They repeat everything you say. They love to pick up four-letter words, so you have to really watch it. Luckily, we don’t curse a lot.”