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Probst: No Nose Job

In his 10th season as the host of Survivor, Jeff Probst admits he almost didn’t survive the first year intact. “When I saw myself on [the show], I thought, 1 need a nose job,’ ” says Probst, 43. “I didn’t tell anybody and went to a plastic surgeon. He showed me a picture of what he wanted to do. Thank God he did—I looked like I had a Donny Osmond nose. I kept that picture to remind me what a loser I was to contemplate paying $7,500 for someone to break my nose and slice open my face. That’s when I decided to stick with what God gave me.”

Tim McGraw: A Real Cowboy

Cold Case‘s Danny Pino says he can’t keep up with country star Tim McGraw‘s riding skills on their drama Flicka. “Tim is really good on his horse. I was raised in Miami. The closest I came to being a cowboy was Bonanza,” says Pino, 31. “I was galloping and had to pull back on the reins and say’Whoa!’ I was overzealous and crushed [a delicate part of] me into the saddle horn. I let out a scream only dogs and whales could hear.”

What should Britney and Kevin name their baby?

Kelly Osbourne: She should name her kids something southern like Bobby Joe or Mary Lee.

Jason Alexander (Listen Up): Jason n. Alexander. She was married to me for a damn 15 minutes.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Oops! Did It Again-whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Carson Kressley Definitely not Apple or Peach. How about Broccoli?

Serena Williams: K-dog. Xzibit (Pimp My Ride): Justin.

Hennessy on Cell Phone Spies

Jill Hennessy is calling out celeb stalkers who think they’re being sneaky with their cell phone cameras. “What’s odd is when people try to be subtle, but they’re following you while holding their phone right at you,” says the Crossing Jordan star, 36. (The drama airs its season finale May 15.) “Do you think ‘m not noticing this? Come on. I usually wave to break the ice, but that scares them. Then they won’t acknowledge what they’re doing. Their camera phones must give them the feeling that they’re suddenly James Bond.”