October 11, 2004 12:00 PM

Plane Talk

Before starring in the NBC drama LAX, Heather Locklear was already a flying expert of sorts, thanks to trips from L.A. to Dallas and Toronto during her summer shooting schedule. Any tips for a better airline experience? “Wear thongs—and I don’t mean underwear. Wear thong shoes and no socks, so you don’t have a problem at security,” says Locklear, 43. “But bring socks for going to the john. “The actress did learn some on-the-job secrets. “People die on planes all the time. There are heart attacks,” she says. “[But airline staff] pretend they’re alive to get them out of the airport.”

The Price of Game

Awards are nice, but Ray Romano says he would gladly swap a golden statuette to putt like Tiger Woods. “Would I trade one of my Emmys for the ability to golf? In a second,” says Romano, 46, whose first season of Everybody Loves Raymond was recently released on DVD. “If I could be a pro, that would be my fantasy. In fact I’d stuff [the Emmy] with money too.” How much cash would the actor fork over—a couple of million? Says Romano with a grin: “No problem—that’s a Thursday to me.”

Presidential Sweet

As a child, Katie Holmes imagined what it would be like if her father were President. “You’d get to live in that big house and wear all these big dresses,” says Holmes, 25, who plays the title character in the comedy First Daughter. All that daydreaming didn’t prepare her for meeting the real Commander-in-Chief at a holiday TV special Holmes hosted in 2002. “The Bushes were very nice. Regardless of your feelings about the candidates, there’s an amazing energy when you meet the President of the United States,” Holmes says. “You meet celebrities and it’s like, ‘I’ve seen you in a movie,’ but [with the Bushes] it was, ‘Oh, you’re the…’ It takes your breath away.”

The West Swing

News flash: The White House Press Secretary is a stripper! Allison Janney, who just won her fourth Emmy for playing The West Wing‘s no-nonsense C.J. Cregg, will be part of a charity burlesque with Eric McCormack and Peri Gilpin on Oct. 4 to raise money for breast cancer research. Says Janney, 44, who will sing “Bosom Buddies” from Mame with Christine Lahti: “Last year I fake-stripped. I wore a heavily sequined gown with boas, fake eyelashes and long gloves. I got rid of one glove and pretended I was going for the zipper of my gown, but I just couldn’t reach it. But singing onstage is something I’m terrified of. I’ll just have to toss back a couple of martinis before I get out there.”

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