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What Body Part Would You Change?

Julianne Moore: I’d take Jennifer Aniston‘s body—the whole thing.

The Rock: I’d probably alter my brain, because it’s short-attention-span theater [in there].

Faith Hill: I couldn’t tell you because then everyone would look at that part.

Cheryl Hines: My superlong toes. My family called me French Fry Toes and one friend calls me Monkey Toes because she thinks I can hold on to a branch.

Kyan Douglas (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy): My nose is kind of big. I’d love Jude Law‘s nose. He’s got a nice nose—nice everything.

Nicole Richie: I’d want Britney Spears‘s stomach ca. 2000 in that nude thing at the MTV awards.

Halle Berry: My hair. I would like to have Debra Messing’s.

Lorraine Bracco: I would change my BRACKET “to stay”].

Ashanti: I would definitely change my feet. I don’t have any arches.

Aisha Tyler: I’d like Keira Knightley‘s abs. Wow!

George Foreman: People come up to me and say, “Let me look at your hands,” and I don’t want them looking at my knuckles. They’re wrecked.

Rachel Bilson (The O.C.): I’d like to try on Angelina Jolie‘s lips. They’re just so full and pretty.

Bruce Willis: Glad you asked me that. [I’d take] a little more meat in the keister.

Ellen DeGeneres: I would exchange my body with Brad Pitt. Just kidding.

Haley Joel Osment: I’d want bigger hands, so I could play the guitar better.

Michelle Rodriguez: I’d like to change my liver. Just in case I plan to abuse it in the future.

Tommy Lee: My chest. I work out and work out and nothing happens.

Christina Applegate: I want Cameron Diaz‘s legs. They’re nine feet long.

Portia de Rossi (Arrested Development): I’d like Nicole Kidman‘s back—it’s perfect.

Nia Vardalos: My head for Penélope Cruz’s. She’s ridiculously beautiful. I think she wakes up, looks in the mirror ready to brush her teeth, and goes, “Ha, why bother?”

Lance Bass: My nose—I don’t like the bump. Or I’d get a pectoral implant.

Minnie Driver: I would just make my jaw narrower.

D.L. Hughley: I would have bigger feet…[because] you know.

Sandra Bullock: I love my body, but I’d like to have a sieve over my mouth. Sometimes I read what I say—apparently sarcasm doesn’t translate in print.

Cybill Shepherd: I’m afraid to start plastic surgery. And my breasts are so versatile now. I can wear them down, up, or side to side.