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Spiders? Heights? The number 13? Celebs tell us what really freaks them out

Robin Williams: “Interviews! Horrible, the microphones and tape recorders that capture your soul. And you never know if the tape will hold up.”

Clay Aiken: “House cats. Lions and tigers I’m fine with, but cats, yeech!”

Chloë Sevigny: “Birds flapping around my ears. When I walk down a street with pigeons, I have to duck down. My boyfriend always laughs at me.”

Matthew Perry: “Playing tennis badly in front of 2,000 people. I did it this weekend, and I hope to never do it again.”

Beyoncé: “Becoming too famous. I want to go on vacations and do special things. I want my privacy.”

Amber Tamblyn: “Spiders. They are so disgusting with all of their legs and eyes and hair. I make my boyfriend kill them. And I have to see the carnage to be able to sleep later.”

Will Ferrell: “I’m nervous every time I step into a theater. I have a fear of being in big spaces.”

Patricia Heaton: “Drowning. I think about ways I might die so I can prepare myself ahead of time, but that’s one way I can’t prepare for, it’s just so awful.”

Dave Matthews: “Being at the edge of a cliff. I always think I’m going to throw myself off—that feeling of, ‘What if my body goes crazy?’ ”

Angelina Jolie: “I don’t like being confined. Being tied up would be very, very bad for me.”

Paris Hilton: “Sweaty guys who insist on kissing me on both cheeks. Once is bad enough, but I have to go through it twice.”

Emeril Lagasse: “I have this phobia that I have served so much fish that they are going to haunt me if I get in the water, so I stay out.”

Alan Cumming: “I have this irrational fear of watermelon. It’s evil.”

Megan Mullally: “Mayonnaise. Somehow I developed an aversion to it. I really had reservations about marrying a man who eats it.”

Mark McGrath: “Elevators. My rule is if it’s 40 floors or below, I’ll walk.”

Gabrielle Union: “Bugs. I tell my husband, ‘Baby, come kill this,’ but he doesn’t believe in killing them. He puts them in ajar.”

Orlando Bloom: “Sharks. When I surf, it gives me the willies that something can come up from below and give me a bite.”

Moby: “The idea of Bush being reelected in 2004.”

Hilary Duff: “I am very claustrophobic. For a few weeks, my mom was driving a really small Lexus. I was just freaking out, like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a box.’ ”

Viggo Mortensen: “Offending somebody. But I do my best not to and apologize if I have.”

Queen Latifah: “I’m scared I’m gonna wake up and realize the last three years have all been a dream.”