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Plight Unseen

To convincingly portray music legend Ray Charles in the upcoming biopic Unchain My Heart: The Ray Charles Story, Jamie Foxx wore special lenses to simulate blindness. “I couldn’t see for 12 to 14 hours a day. I never saw the sets—it was crazy,” says Foxx, 36. “My hearing was so acute. People would be talking, and I’d have to ask, ‘Man, could you keep it down a bit?’ All the voices were crashing into each other. And when a person who wasn’t used to helping a blind person would guide me, I’d run into things or trip and fall. Sometimes I’d hyperventilate because there was no way to see. When I took them off every day, I went, Ahhh!’ ”

Funny Girl

Working with legendary stars Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand on Meet the Fockers, the sequel to the 2000 hit Meet the Parents, doesn’t faze Teri Polo, who plays Robert De Niro’s daughter. “It’s crazy. Dustin Hoffman is a 5-year-old kid trapped in a grown man’s body,” says Polo, 34. “And Barbra Streisand has an amazing sense of humor. The director [Jay Roach] thought that I called her a boob, and Barbra laughed. So from then on, I decided that my nickname for her was going to be Boob. She answers to it too—just ask her.”

Flop Phobia

Kirsten Dunst says there won’t be wedding bells ringing for her and sweetie Jake Gyllenhaal, 23, any time soon. “Oh, I’m too young to get married. Seriously. I’m 22 years old. It’s so annoying that they put pressure on you,” says Dunst, who reprises her role as Tobey Maguire’s love interest in Spider-Man 2 this summer. Working with her actor beau is another story. “I’d love to. It’s other people who have problems with it,” Dunst says. “They’re afraid that Gigli kind of ruined it for [Hollywood couples], but I’m like, We’re not Jen and Ben. It’s not like we’re buying Bentleys for each other.”

Bed, Baffling and Beyond

Alias star Michael Vartan, who plays a tech-savvy CIA agent on the spy series, knows his way around the Internet. “I eBayed myself because a friend told me that some lunatic had made a pillowcase with my face on it,” says Vartan, 35, currently filming Monster-in-Law with Jennifer Lopez. “I thought it would be a very funny joke gift to give my mom for her birthday.” Alas, he was too late—the bedding was gone. “I did, however, find a Victor Garber key chain that had a picture of him on the front, and on the back it said, ‘And on the eighth day, God created Victor Garber.’ ”