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Stupid Human Tricks

Sure, they can act, sing, dance and work the heck out of a red carpet, but we asked celebs to reveal the kind of hidden talents that David Letterman would love

Ben Affleck: “I can move my scalp and [make] people think I have a wig on.”

Alicia Keys: “I am the best at cracking my neck. People tell me I’m going to break it, but I haven’t found the discipline to stop.”

Wilmer Valderrama: “I unicycle. It started out when I was really bored as a kid. I rode around my garage just the other day.”

Paige Davis (Trading Spaces): “I sing ‘Amazing Grace’ to the tune of both the Dallas and Gilligan’s Island theme songs at parties.”

Sean Astin: “I can catch coins off my elbow. I learned that when I was a little kid.”

Eric Balfour (The O.C.): “I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue.”

Charlotte Church: “I do the splits.”

Richard Kind (The Station Agent): “I can put my fist in my mouth. Everybody knows that I have the biggest mouth in the world, so it’s my birthright.”

Ben Chaplin: “I do a really good Donald Duck.”

Marlon Wayans: “I burp the national anthem.”

Chad Lowe: “I throw grapes really high in the air and catch them in my mouth.”

Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia): “I’m double-jointed in all my fingers. I can also bend my thumb completely back to touch my hand. I’m a freak of nature.”

Vincent Curatola (The Sopranos): “I wiggle my right ear.”

Deborah Gibson: “I can hula hoop for hours on end [without dropping it]. As a kid, I’d say, ‘I want to set the world record.'”

Justin Guarini: “I can actually snap my toes, like other people snap their fingers.”

Dominic Monaghan (The Lord of the Rings): “I can walk on my hands for pretty much as long as I want.”

Mark McGrath (Sugar Ray): “I am an excellent juggler. If a show’s really going bad, I might take the mic, a guitar and a drum head and start juggling.”

Paul Rudd (Friends): “I can make my tongue [curl into a clover shape]. It happened as soon as I made my pact with Satan.”

Rosie O’Donnell: “I can balance anything on my finger, including furniture—tables, chairs, anything. Nobody would believe me, but when I was on my show I started doing it and people were like, ‘Will you stop?'”

Robin Williams: “Ventriloquism and naked juggling.”

Cindy Margolis: “I tap-dance to HBO theme songs. I have a Sex and the City dance and [one for] Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Dustin Hoffman: “I can blow a bubble on the tip of my tongue. It’s really small, like a pea. You give it a ‘pfluft’ and it floats off. Kids love it.”