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Swab Story

Scarlett Johansson says that her Girl with a Pearl Earring costar Colin Firth gleefully poked fun at her costume, especially since her head was wrapped tightly in a white scarf for the drama. “Colin kept saying I looked like a peeled egg,” says Johansson, 19, who retaliated by drawing caricatures of the wig-wearing Firth with big hair. “He also said I looked like a Q-Tip. He’d stick little Q-Tips with happy faces on them up on our makeup mirror.”


Oscar-winner Julia Roberts wants to expand her acting repertoire, but she has her limits. “I’d like to do something different, but not to shock people,” says Roberts, 36, who currently stars in Mona Lisa Smile. “I was offered a movie called Cock. I turned it down without even asking what it was about. Somehow I couldn’t conceive of calling my mother to tell her I was about to start a movie called Cock.”

Mutt-ernal Instincts

Pop star Jessica Simpson is in no hurry to join the growing group of expectant mothers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, since she’s not sure she’d want her pregnancy to be captured on her reality TV show. “Brandy did that, but I see our show just being the Newlyweds,” says Simpson. 23, who’s married to singer Nick Lachey. “I don’t think I am going to get pregnant. I am trying not to. But we might get a dog.”

The Music Womb

Just before Rachel Griffiths had her first child, a boy named Banjo, on Nov. 22, fellow Aussie and close pal Toni Collette gave her a personal soundtrack. “I compiled a CD for [Griffiths and her husband, artist Andrew Taylor] to listen to during the birth, with songs by Blur, Peter Gabriel and Jeff Buckley,” says Collette, 31, now starring in Japanese Story, a drama. “I called while she was in labor, and Andy held up the phone for me to hear what song they were listening to. They were really stoked. Banjo’s beautiful, blue-eyed and has long fingers. He’s definitely going to be a musician someday.”

Kiss and Tell

Keanu Reeves doesn’t mind if his Something’s Gotta Give costar Diane Keaton thinks that Jack Nicholson is a sexier smoocher than he is. “Jack probably is a better kisser,” says Reeves, 39, who plays a doctor trying to woo Keaton in the comedy. “He has had more experience than me in that department. He’s a very dynamic person, and hard to say no to, I guess. Hopefully, by the time I’m his age, I can catch up to him in acting and all the other delights of life.”