Danielle Anderson
September 01, 2003 12:00 PM

Boom Boxer

“I knew it would be a good film, but I didn’t know if I’d be accepted in that role,” says Sylvester Stallone, 57, who plays a mad scientist in the children’s adventure Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. “But the movie’s huge, so I’m firing all my managers and agents and having my kids pick my movies from now on.” The action star may be expanding his repertoire, but there’s one thing he won’t do. “I don’t sing,” says Stallone. “I would have a job scaring off ships if I sang. I’m like a foghorn.”

Crossover Queen

Fans might not be able to get enough of her music, but Shania Twain’s 2-year-old son, Eja, isn’t one of them. “I think he has more of an affinity for ‘Hey, Diddle Diddle,'” says Twain, 38, who kicks off a world tour in September for her latest CD, UP! “I sing that repeatedly to him at bedtime. He enjoys that more than if I put on one of my albums.”

Adults only

Even though Jamie Lee Curtis portrays a teenager trapped in an adult’s body in the comedy Freaky Friday, she would never indulge her inner adolescent by dating a younger man. “Boy, look how Demi Moore has changed the world once again,” jokes Curtis, 44. “I’ll keep my mouth shut, but I’m a big believer that people should act their age. I’m a card-carrying adult. I dress age-appropriately and I chose mates age-appropriately.” Still, Curtis understands why teen boys might find her attractive. “I saw [1985’s] Perfect the other day, and even I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m hot.'”

King of His Realm

Jeremy Irons’s home really is his castle—the 650-year-old Kilcoe Castle in County Cork, Ireland, that he and his wife, actress Sinead Cusack, bought a few years ago and have been working on ever since. “Renovating a castle is worse than directing a movie; your entire life becomes consumed with this big project,” says the British actor, 54, who stars in the new drama And Now Ladies & Gentlemen. “I took two years off for the refurbishing. Finally I went back to work because I couldn’t afford not to. I’ve had 40 people working on it.” Irons isn’t tempted to trade his pastoral paradise for the Hollywood scene. “I don’t want to live over the shop, which is what Los Angeles is—the shop,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t enjoy the razzle-dazzle of show business. My friends are horsemen, and here, I’m the master of the fox hunt.”

Home Bodies

David Arquette is having a blast working with his wife, Courteney Cox Arquette, on Mix It Up, their new home-improvement show, which helps couples blend their individual styles, premiering Oct. 22 on the WE: Women’s Entertainment channel. “Obviously there’s a lot of stress in producing, but it’s been an amazing experience,” says Arquette, 31. “On the final day, when they reveal [the room] to the couple and Courteney is running around, cleaning everything up, hanging pictures and running wires, she’s really in her element. It’s very sexy.”

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