June 23, 2003 12:00 PM

The Bachelor

Luke Wilson doesn’t understand the pressure people put on bachelors to pair up. “I’m only 31,” says Wilson, who costars with Kate Hudson in the romantic comedy Alex & Emma. “I don’t believe in looking for ‘that someone.’ I feel like then I’d just try to make [a relationship] into something it’s not.” While the actor isn’t pining for Ms. Right, he’s not going to fall for Ms. Wrong, either. “I’ve got a good internal detector,” says Wilson. “I can tell in the first two minutes if someone is a good person or not.”

Harvard to Hollywood

Natalie Portman has mixed feelings about graduating from Harvard this month. “Cambridge is the coolest city in America, but I’ll be relieved to go because of the stress and the tough winters,” says Port-man, 22, who costars in the upcoming drama Cold Mountain. “When you’re stressed out, it doesn’t help that it’s awful outside. There’s a pretty high rate of depression, isolation and craziness.” But her Ivy League pedigree has already paid dividends in Hollywood. “Directors are much more interested in collaborating now, as opposed to me being a chess piece in their game,” says Portman. “Suddenly they’re my colleagues. It’s very different.”

Klaus Encounters

To play a mild-mannered scientist turned raging green beast in the action flick The Hulk, Australian actor Eric Bana used his son Klaus, 4, for inspiration. “I studied my son for this role because he was 2½ when we were shooting. There’s the Hulk—a boy going through the terrible 2s,” says Bana, 34, who also has a 1-year-old daughter, Sophia, with his wife, Rebecca. “He’s what adults would be like if we didn’t have political correctness or social restraints.” The actor hasn’t let his son in on the treasure trove of toys that came with the job. “I keep the Hulk Hands well hidden in our garage,” says Bana, “because Klaus would see them and want to beat his sister up.”

Elf Confidence

Hugo Weaving is a box-office force. Okay, that may be an overstatement, but the Australian actor has appeared in two of the biggest blockbuster film series in recent memory. In The Lord of the Rings films he plays Elrond, the benevolent leader of the elves, and in the Matrix trilogy Weaving is the killer Agent Smith. “I seem to have gone into Middle Earth and come out in Zion,” says Weaving, 43. “It’s very amusing to me, because I am naturally drawn to European art-house movies, so I don’t know quite how this happened.” Weaving can even replay his big-screen roles at home—on a much smaller scale. “I have action figures of Elrond and Agent Smith and occasionally they have fights,” he says with a grin. “But ultimately Elrond wins, because he is so wise.”

Groupie Gripe

For Daisy Fuentes, who got engaged to British pop star Matt Goss last year, huge weddings are a big pain. “Rather than one big night with 200 people I don’t know, I’m having a whole week of festivities for our two families on an island somewhere,” says Fuentes, 36, who will tie the knot before year’s end. “It will be a good chance for everybody to bond.” The ex-model will accompany Goss—whose former band, Bros, was a pop phenomenon in England—on his European tour this summer. “Do you think I trust those crazy groupies?” she asks. “They’re usually about 25 years old. They just can’t keep their hands off him.”

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