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Party Pooped

Hollywood wild child Tara Reid says she’s toned down her partying ways. “When I see people going crazy, I’m like, ‘That looks like fun!’ But I’ve been behaving better,” says Reid, 27, who stars in the upcoming comedy My Boss’s Daughter, with Ashton Kutcher. “I’m getting older, and you outgrow [the scene].” Why the change of heart? “I want to get married one day, I want to have kids, and I want all the bad press to end,” says Reid, who’s been linked to JC Chasez and NFL quarterback Tom Brady. “I’ve realized I don’t have to dance on the table. I can nod my head on the couch or dance in front of the mirror at home instead.”

Hit and Miss

Don’t taunt Australian actors while shooting action films. Actress Kelly Hu learned that the hard way while filming fight sequences with Hugh Jackman for the X-Men sequel, X2. “Kelly said, ‘What, are you Aussies wusses? Come on, give it to me!’ ” says Jackman, 34. “I’ve been in a few fights, and I don’t think I’ve hit many people harder than I hit her.” The actor says Hu, a karate expert, later regretted egging him on. “In one scene, I have to punch her in the stomach so that she folds over,” says Jackman. “She kept saying, ‘Harder, harder,’ and bang, I missed and hit her straight in the boob. That was the only time that she didn’t ask for it harder.”

Scrabble Rouser

Technorocker Moby doesn’t act like a VIP at Teany, the vegetarian cafe he opened on Manhattan’s Lower East Side last May. “I’m there every day. If it’s busy and something needs to be done, I’m happy to do it,” says Moby, 37, whose restaurant will be featured for its array of more than 90 teas on the June 17th episode of the Food Network’s Great American Food Finds. “I do the pedestrian stuff, like busing tables and taking out garbage.” Turns out, the multiplatinum musician prefers the dirty work to, say, a star-studded bash. “You go out to parties, and it’s fun and exciting, but it’s a lot of sycophantic back patting,” he says. “Nine times out of 10, I’d rather hang out with my friends at Teany and play Scrabble. If someone was stalking me, they’d be bored.”

Senior Years

Reaching retirement age has Dustin Hoffman commiserating with the rest of Hollywood’s senior set. “I’m getting older. Am I going to pretend that I’m not?” says Hoffman, 65, who costars with Edward Burns in the new thriller Confidence. “My friend Robert Duvall is 72 and says, ‘I’m in the last part [of my career] now.’ The film community shuns you as you get older. To talk about age in a society so frightened of it is brave.” Still, time hasn’t rid the actor of one age-old problem: zits. “I thank God I still have acne because—may I say this modestly?—that goes hand in hand with a high testosterone count,” Hoffman says. “I always hated acne, but now I’ll get a pimple and say, ‘Stay with me!’ ”