April 28, 2003 12:00 PM

Monster Truck

Antique-auto buff Jay Leno happily hogs the road in his shiny red 1941 American LaFrance fire truck, which the talk show host restored after the Burbank fire marshal gave him the abandoned scrap heap free. “People get out of the way when they see a fire truck,” says Leno, 53. “You don’t even have to ring the bell.” Leno takes the 10-ton vehicle out on the road once a week, even occasionally chauffeuring the Tonight Show crew to lunch at In-N-Out Burger. “Being immature, it’s fun to pull up to a restaurant and pretend to take up all the valet parking spaces,” says Leno. “Or drive up next to people in weenie little Hummers and go, ‘Hey, get a real truck!’ ”

Family Practice

These days Amy Brenneman’s favorite show is the wordless shtick of her 2-year-old daughter Charlotte. “She’ll take the phone, push buttons and start babbling,” says Brenneman, 38, who stars in CBS’s courtroom drama Judging Amy. “Then she’ll pause and go, ‘Hahahaha,’ like she’s laughing at what the other person just said. She rocks.” Though she plays a hard-nosed family-court judge, the actress is no stickler for rules at home. “My husband [director Brad Silberling] and I are afraid we’re teaching her bad preschool habits because she loves to be tackled,” says Brenneman. “We’ll push her into a pile of pillows, and she’ll laugh. We’re basically teaching her to shove.”

Doggy Drag

Couples across the country may love the home improvements they’ve gotten on TLC’s hit show Trading Spaces, but host Paige Davis says the 60-episode season leaves little room for her own domestic bliss. “I love being on the road, staying in hotels and not having to cook, but it’s hard to be away from my husband [actor Patrick Page] so much,” says Davis, 33. “I miss our dog Sophie [a Maltese] very much. Sometimes I miss her more than him, only because I can talk to Patrick on the phone.”

Desk Job

Law & Order fans: Ever wonder what’s in Det. Edward Green’s desk at the 27th Precinct? Jesse L. Martin, who plays Green on the hit drama, is curious himself. “I opened the drawers recently and found old deodorant and one of those rubber shoe covers, which I can’t imagine anybody wearing,” says the actor, 34, who points out that he’s merely the latest cop to use the office equipment. “The desk pad has all kinds of doodles by me and [former cast members] Benjamin Bratt and Chris Noth. There’s also a crazy, superclose-up Polaroid of Chris with this cheese-eating grin. I leave it there because it cracks me up.”

Midnight Rambler

Father-to-be Colin Farrell is pleased to report that morning sickness has passed for Kim Bordenave, the model who’s four months pregnant with their first child. “Kim went through a period of fatigue and nausea, but now she’s fit as a fiddle,” says Farrell, 26, currently starring in the thriller Phone Booth. “I’m so excited. I’m a little bit scared but not as scared as I’ve been told I should be.” One fear he doesn’t have: losing sleep to a newborn. “I’ve always been something of an insomniac,” says Farrell. “My dad used to say, ‘You’ll be a night watchman when you grow up.’ Between midnight and 3 a.m. are lovely moments for me.”

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