Ericka Souter
August 12, 2002 12:00 PM

Parental Guidance Requested

Single guy Verne Troyer doesn’t mind the occasional pickup line; it’s getting picked up that the 2’8″ actor doesn’t appreciate. “I’ve had people come up and actually pick me up out of the blue,” says Troyer, 33, who reprises his role as Dr. Evil’s sidekick in Austin Powers in Goldmember. “That gets a little annoying. I go out in public with a hat and sunglasses, but frankly it doesn’t help.” Another pet peeve: peewee Mini-Me fans. “I love children, but certain kids are too young to see these films,” says Troyer. “A 4-year-old came up to me once, and her dad told her, ‘Honey, do what Mini-Me does in the movie,’ and she flipped me off! That’s just not right.”

City Kite

Now that a baby has been added to the cast of characters on Sex and the City and two of the cosmopolitan gals—Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon—are expecting in real life, has Kim Cattrall’s maternal instinct been aroused? “It makes me want to see their babies [once they’re born], but it doesn’t make me want to have a baby,” says Cattrall, 45, who lives happily tot-free with hubby Mark Levinson, the CEO of an electronics company. In fact, she has taken a few on-set precautions lest motherhood become contagious. “It may be something in the water,” says Cattrall. “That’s why I bring my own. Just to be safe.”

The X-Rated Files

You can’t judge a movie by its title. “I know this is the summer of XXX and Full Frontal, but neither are porn films,” says Frontal director Steven Soderbergh, 39. Audiences looking for cheap thrills in Soderbergh’s flick won’t be totally disappointed, however: David Duchovny turns in a revealing performance in the ensemble comedy, which also stars Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. “He’s naked for one shot during a scene where he’s lying face up in bed. David was totally game for it, but audiences will have to go back and freeze-frame it to see anything,” says Soderbergh, adding, “That should help DVD sales.”

A Real Homer

So what does one of the hottest stars in Hollywood do on his days off? “I watch The Simpsons,” says Jude Law, 29, currently starring in the Mob drama Road to Perdition. “How can you not? I’m happiest at home, hanging out with the kids. Forget all that other stuff. Having a family has been my saving grace. We’re really boring and normal.” And expanding. Law and his wife, British actress Sadie Frost, are expecting their third child together in late September. “I won’t work back-to-back on anything because I’d never see my family,” he says. “That would kill me.”

No Holds Bard

As if performing Shakespeare isn’t tough enough, Julia Stiles has to contend with a host of distractions during her outdoor performances of Twelfth Night in New York City’s Central Park. “One night there was a thunderstorm, but we kept the show going,” says Stiles, 21, who is in her final week of portraying Viola in the six-week production. “And it’s easy to be distracted by the noise. People get really into it. We did one show where, at the end as mayhem was ensuing, somebody screamed, ‘Oh, no! Don’t do that!’ at full volume. I almost lost it.” Other surprises are even harder to swallow. “I’ve had bugs fly into my mouth in the middle of a scene,” says Stiles, next starring in the comedy A Guy Thing, out Sept. 20. “It’s hard to keep your concentration when you’re choking on a bug.” Even so, adds the actress, who’ll be a junior at Columbia this fall, “I couldn’t think of a better summer job.”

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