Ericka Souter
October 14, 2002 12:00 PM

Joke’s on You for $100, Alex. Hard to imagine, but The Practice‘s hard-nosed lawyer Ellenor Frutt has a lighter side. Well, at least her alter ego, actress Camryn Manheim, does. “I did a Candid Camera-type show once, and they hired me and some other actors to go to Atlantic City to set up [Jeopardy! host] Alex Trebek,” says Manheim, 41. “We posed as groupies called Trebekkies and asked him to come and talk at our convention. We were so over-the-top ridiculous, complete weirdos. Every time he said something funny, we’d pretend to press a buzzer. He didn’t get it. He kept asking us what we were doing. He was mortified, but we kept him going for a good 20 minutes.”

Green Scheme Even though the sequel to Spider-Man doesn’t start filming for at least another year, James Franco, currently starring in the drama City by the Sea, is already thinking ahead to his next foray into the world of costumed heroes and villains. He will be reprising his role as Harry Osborn, the vengeful son of Spidey’s nemesis, the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), who was killed off in the first film. “I worked with Nic Cage [on the drama Sonny] and I said, ‘Eventually I might have to play the new Green Goblin—what do you think?’ And he showed me this great move,” says Franco, 24, who demonstrates by clapping twice, spinning around and shaking his butt vigorously. “Maybe that’s what I’ll do,” he says with a laugh. “Nic also thought that the Green Goblin could be secretly in love with Spider-Man and make out with him or something. I think that would be nice.”

Show Her Some Love. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt thinks she knows who’s to blame for her sagging love life: the media. “The fact that they’re always writing about me going out with everybody might be hurting my game,” laments the single Hewitt, 23, who has been romantically linked in the past with everyone from Alec Baldwin to singer John Mayer. “Seriously, they make me out to be this total tart. I can’t imagine some guy coming up to me and saying, ‘So, if you’re not busy tonight with the other 75 guys, do you want to go out with me?’ But I’m not dating anyone.” However, Hewitt, who costars with Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo and just released her fourth pop CD, BareNaked, has come up with a possible solution. “I have to go to Alaska and hide out for a while,” she says. “Then maybe guys will start asking me out again.”

Tobey or Not Tobey Jake Gyllenhaal‘s star is certainly rising. The 21-year-old actor, who romanced Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl, appears opposite Susan Sarandon and Dustin Hoffman in the new drama Moonlight Mile. But Gyllenhaal still gets mistaken for another Gen-Y star, Tobey Maguire. “People always tell me, ‘My father’s an OB-GYN, and I just wanted to tell you I loved that movie [The Cider House Rules],” says Gyllenhaal, who told Hoffman about his mistaken-identity crisis and received a reassuring story in return. “It happened to him just hours before he won an Oscar for Kramer vs. Kramer. He was flying to the Academy Awards and the steward says to him, ‘I’m just dying to ask you: Which movie of yours is your favorite, Kramer vs. Kramer or Dog Day Afternoon‘? Dustin’s like, ‘Oh, definitely Dog Day.’ It comforted me that Dustin Hoffman can be mistaken for Al Pacino.”

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