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The Face That Launched a Thousand Chips

You’d think anonymity would no longer be an option for Hayden Christensen since the 21-year-old hit the screen as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode II. But he managed to fool thousands of fans recently. “I just came from this convention in Indianapolis where I put a stormtrooper helmet on so that I could see what it was like,” says Christensen. “It was chaos. Every little Star Wars trinket that you could imagine was on display. Everyone was gawking at them. It was madness.” He doesn’t have to go far to experience the mania. Just buying a bag of Doritos has become a surreal experience for the actor, who can’t bring himself to buy the promotional chips or soda with his likeness on it. “The downside is that your choices are limited when you go to get snack food,” he says. “Aagghh! My face is everywhere.”

Boots Made for Gawkin’

Angelina Jolie cops to a less-than-scholarly academic career, but then, she never was one to run with the pack. “My sophomore year in high school, I dropped out and went into the ‘continuation’ section, which was mostly for bad kids who had been expelled for violence or drugs,” says Jolie, 27. “You could go at your own pace, and I wanted to be quick, I graduated a year early.” Her fashion sense wasn’t exactly mainstream either. “People have told me—I don’t remember myself—that I wore black boots with big silver bats that dragged when I walked,” says Jolie. “I wasn’t aware of how I looked, but apparently I looked really creepy.”


Chasing a killer in the thriller Insomnia had Al Pacino feeling his age. “I did some of those runs and thought I’d check myself into a hospital,” says Pacino, 62. “You pray that somebody will yell cut and it will be over. After those action scenes, I’d touch myself to make sure everything was still there.” It wasn’t much easier when he pursued the bad guy in the 1995 drama Heat. “I remember chasing Bobby De Niro around at 3 a.m.,” says Pacino. “I didn’t warm up and boom, there went my hamstring. I was like, ‘Great. I feel like old Al.’ Then I realized, ‘I am old Al'” The icon accepts the inevitable. “I guess I have to keep in shape as I get older,” he says. “But don’t like to work out. Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until it passes.”

A Clean McLean

Who says pop’s princesses have cornered the market on primping? “I spend hours sculpting my facial hair,” says Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, 24. “I get complimented a lot on it, but sometimes I feel silly for spending so much time.” He is even more committed to staying sober since his rehab stint for alcohol addiction last summer. “On June 12 I will be one year old [sober],” says McLean. “Thank God they invented O’Doul’s [a nonalcoholic beer]. I reach for that and I’m fine. I have no desire to drink ever again. [Sobriety] was a test for me, but in the end it was pretty easy with my family, a wonderful fiancée [singer Sarah Martin] and those four guys who have my back.”

Family Planning

Having played a mother in The Sixth Sense and again in the new comedy About a Boy, Aussie actress Toni Collette finds her mind turning to maternal matters. “As an actor dabbling in that zone, [having kids] is quite a beautiful thing to do,” says Collette, 29, who is dating drummer David Galafassi of the rock band Gelbison. “I like the fact that children think parents have all the answers even though that’s incredibly untrue.” So is she planning a brood of her own? “I definitely want to, and eventually it will happen,” says Collette. “I’ve got the equipment, and I might as well use it.”