Jason Lynch
September 17, 2001 12:00 PM

Ham Solo

Mark Hamill, who gleefully apes his Star Wars persona with a lightsaber battle in the comedy Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, says that one of his former costars might have been better suited for the job. “Harrison Ford is like that cartoon where a little frog sings and dances brilliantly but then, when somebody shows up, he won’t do it,” says Hamill, 49. “He is one of the funniest people I ever met. He’s wacky and goofy, he even dances, until somebody walks into the room, and then he’s back to that cool Harrison you see in interviews.”

Daly Reminder

As Carson Daly has learned the hard way, the downside to having a high-profile romance is that the breakup will be equally public. “It really just sucks,” says the Total Request Live host, who split in July with former fiancée Tara Reid (American Pie). “But it goes with the territory, so you just have to get over it.” Judging from the aftermath of his 1999 breakup with Jennifer Love Hewitt, he also knows that his fans won’t forget about Reid anytime soon. “The worst thing about it is that there is a constant reminder because everybody knows your business,” says Daly, 28. “A year later, a doorman will come up to you and say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry about your breakup,’ and you just have to smile and be polite.”


“It’s strange becoming the old-timer,” says Ana Gasteyer, 34, who kicks off her sixth season on Saturday Night Live on Sept. 29. “Sooner or later I will leave. My class is still there, more or less. Will [Ferrell] and Darrell [Hammond] are there. Hopefully, we will all graduate at the same time.” Gasteyer spent her summer hiatus playing Columbia in the Broadway revival of The Rocky Horror Show. “People are basically strolling around all but nude or dressed as transvestites, and you’re having a serious conversation with them,” she says of her Rocky work. “I’ve always loved that about SNL, too. Someone will be having a really serious conversation about leaving their wife, and they’re dressed up as a panda.”


Although Sex and the City ended its summer run with Sarah Jessica Parker accepting John Corbett’s marriage proposal, will wedding bells truly ring for Carrie and Aidan when new episodes begin airing in January? “Every single day I’m asked this question about 20 times. You honestly wouldn’t want me to ruin it for you,” says Corbett, 40. “Even my mother called and said, ‘She isn’t going to cheat on you again with Mr. Big, honey, is she?’ was like, ‘Geez, Mom. You have HBO. You have to wait too;” Until then his mother can catch him in the romantic comedy Serendipity, opening next month. He sports his formerly shaggy hair, which Corbett trimmed, along with some excess weight, at the request of Sex producers last season. “I didn’t go on any special diet,” he says. “I just cut my hair, and 30 pounds came off.”

Prize Patrol

John Stamos now stars as a master larcenist in ABC’s new comedy Thieves, premiering Sept. 21, but it’s a role he started researching a long time ago. “I was a bit of a thief as a kid,” he says. “I would go to grocery stores and steal the prizes in cereal. It says, Free Prize Inside on the box, so I thought, great! I would dig my dirty little hands into a box and get the prize out. But I was always sneaky about it, so I guess I knew that I shouldn’t be doing it.” One thing he didn’t take was advice from Thieves executives that his wife, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, should play his partner in crime. “I said, ‘If you want to deal with a $100,000 marriage counseling bill at the end of the season, put her on!’ ” says Stamos, 38. “We’re very careful not to work together. I like it better being separate and able to support each other from a distance.”

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