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Love Stories

With Valentine’s Day putting everyone in the mood for love, a few stars reminisced about their mates’ most romantic gestures.

David Arquette: “Courteney [Cox] said yes! I proposed on the beach, and my family was waiting with a fireworks display. Her saying yes was pretty romantic—and a relief.”

Faith Hill: “One time Tim [McGraw] picked me up at the house, blindfolded me and we went to the airport. He didn’t tell me where we were going—an island—until we were on the plane.”

Lauren Bacall: “I drove down Highway 101 in California to pick up [Humphrey] Bogart at 4 in the morning. He was walking from Newport Beach to meet me [in L.A.] with a big sunflower in his buttonhole. He called and said, ‘I don’t have a ride, but I’m going to start walking down the highway. You’ll see me in six hours.’ ”

Carson Daly: ‘When Tara [Reid] was shooting Josie and the Pussycats, I was flying to Vancouver as much as I could to see her. One weekend I couldn’t, then she called and said there’s a FedEx coming in the morning. It was her: She’d worked all day and taken three planes to stay for half a day and go back. You know somebody loves you when they do that.”

Jacqueline Bisset: “I was in Budapest once, and somebody I was seeing sent me a band of Gypsy violinists. The bell rang, I opened the door, and this bunch of guys started playing.”

Rita Wilson: “On my birthday a few years ago, Tom [Hanks] flew me to Savannah, where he was shooting Forrest Gump. He rented a yacht, had a catered dinner with champagne and candlelight. We cruised under a full moon. It was perfect.”

Jenna Elfman: “For our anniversary, my husband, Bodhi, got huge helium balloons and tied roses to invisible strings on them so the roses looked like they were floating in the middle of the room.”

Dyan Cannon: “I was in Rome traveling with my second husband [Stanley Fimberg]. It was my birthday, and I came in and there were rose petals on the bed with a small cake. Inside the cake was something special: They had baked the cake around a ring.”

Drew Barrymore: “The most romantic thing a man has ever done is to pick me a handful of wildflowers in a field.”

Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson: “I had the flu and my girlfriend [Kristin Willits, now his wife] called her grandmother and got the recipe for her homemade chicken soup. We had only been dating for a month, and she just came over and took care of me.”