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Déjà Vu

“I thought I was superhuman. I came to realize that I wasn’t,” says Pearl Harbor’s Tom Sizemore, 39, who has come clean about kicking his longtime drug habit (“I did smack from about 1991 to 1996,” he says), with the help of his Heat costar. “Robert De Niro literally put me in rehab. He put me in his car and said, Tom, we can either drive to jail or rehab. You pick.’ I was so messed up at the time that I said, ‘Bobby, how bad is jail? First offense. I’ll be in and out.’ But I went to rehab instead.” Now Sizemore is watching pal Robert Downey Jr.—the pair appeared in 1994’s Natural Born Killers—battle drug demons. “I don’t know what Robert can do. I thought he had it [beat],” says Sizemore, who adds that he helped pay Downey’s legal bills before his release from prison last year. “I feel so bad about what’s happening to him. But it’s tough to be in the Hollywood world. People just give drugs to you. It’s very sad.”

Pitching In

Most actors are content to live out their sports fantasies onscreen, but his roles in Little Big League and Field of Dreams weren’t enough of a fix for Timothy Busfield. “I’ve played semipro baseball for nine years, and I’m 30-12 as a starting pitcher,” says the former thirtysomething star, who now has a recurring role as a White House reporter on The West Wing. “I always tell the batboy to remind the opposing team I played [supergeek] Poindexter in Revenge of the Nerds. Then the college kids really squeeze the bat handle. They’re terrified.” But when it comes to baseball, Busfield has problems admitting that his body is no longer thirtysomething. “I’ve had trouble giving it up,” he says. “My wife mocks me when I get in my uniform. ‘Baby, you’re 43,’ she tells me. ‘Not that I don’t love you, but you’re dressed in little white pants.’ ”

Employee Discount

For Kristin Davis, Sex and the City isn’t just a hip acting gig, it’s also her favorite place to shop. At the end of each season, the stars of the HBO series—Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Davis—get first dibs on snapping up their characters’ fabulous frocks. “We buy them at very discounted prices,” says Davis, 36. “A lot of our clothes are samples from the designers, so we have to give them right back because they’re one of a kind. But about half our wardrobe is left. We pick one free thing and pay very little for the rest. Last year I had to write a check for $1,000, and I got two big boxes of good stuff. A lot of Prada, a lot of leather, and I bought some of Cynthia’s cashmere sweaters.”

Higher Earning

He has two films in theaters now (Moulin Rouge and What’s the Worst That Could Happen?) and five more on the way, but John Leguizamo’s reasons for a heavy workload are purely academic. “I have to keep working hard because college will be like $100,000 a year when my kids go,” says Leguizamo, who has two children (Allegra Sky, 19 months, and Ryder Lee, 6 months) with girlfriend Justine Maurer. But as a dad he does a lot more than invest in their college funds. “I’m very hands-on,” says Leguizamo, 40. “I read a lot about raising kids. We get every book about every step of the process. You have this perfect little creature in front of you, and you’ll wreck it somehow. We want to mess it up as least we can.”