Jason Lynch
May 21, 2001 12:00 PM

The Big Night

With high school prom season in full swing, we asked some celebs to dig out their dance cards and recount their most memorable moments, including those they’d rather forget.

Matthew Perry: “It was so sad. My prom date dumped me for somebody else. At the prom!”

Tara Reid: “I thought I was wearing this really cool dress, but when I look back at it now, it was probably the cheesiest dress in the world. It was all silver, like aluminum foil, and puffy. I looked like the biggest Jersey Guidette, with the teased hair and hairspray.”

Halle Berry: “Actually, I was prom queen. Don’t hate me!”

Jason Alexander: “I thought the prom was supposed to be a shoo-in for your sexual awakening, and I still have issues with the girl I took to the prom. I bought the corsage. I had hair then too. I don’t know what went wrong. It was a nice night, but the deal did not close.”

Renée Zellweger: “I went to the prom for about 10 minutes. I caught the tail end because my date, this real nice guy named Trevor—doesn’t that sound like a high school name?—and I wanted to be cool and make an appearance. I did get to dance to the last song. Then I went home.”

Lisa Kudrow: “I got my dress on the day of the prom, and it was just awful, I called up my date and canceled.”

Kate Hudson: “I hated prom because I wasn’t a big school person. I never went to prom with a boyfriend, just a guy friend. It was like the most miserable night of my high school existence.”

Joan Rivers: “I wasn’t invited to the prom. I invited the guy and I had to buy my own orchid. Jack, if he is alive, still owes me for that orchid. Carrie had a better time at her prom than I did.”

Carson Daly: “I didn’t go. I watched 60 Minutes with my father because my dad was the best looking girl at my school.”

Marcia Gay Harden: “My sisters and I used to make our own prom dresses. We still have pictures of them, It was the big, wonderful challenge of the year that we each got to make a long dress. I remember my first one—a halter prom dress—and I was so proud of it.”

Ana Gasteyer (Saturday Night Live): “I never made it to the prom because I was busy having a blowout fight with my boyfriend in my Datsun 210 because we left the lights on during dinner, and the battery died. It was very sad. All dressed up. Went right on back home.”

Camryn Manheim: “I went to a big old hippie school. We didn’t really have a prom, we just got naked and got in the hot tub.”

Lorenzo Lamas: “When I showed up at my junior prom to meet my date, I was in a yellow three-piece polyester suit a la Saturday Night Fever. After I walked in and made eye contact with her, she pretended she didn’t see me and bolted.”

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