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Life Improvement

Two years after Home Improvement went off the air, Patricia Richardson returns to TV as Marilyn Monroe’s mentally unstable mother in the CBS miniseries Blonde, airing May 13 and 16. In the eyes of her daughter Roxie, 10, the dramatic stretch was too great. “When I showed the movie to Roxie, she was horrified. She kept saying, ‘Mom, you should never play a part like this again!’ ” But after eight seasons at Home, Richardson, 50, isn’t interested in another sitcom. “I’ve been offered them, but I would rather [do] a series for only one season.” Anything longer feels like “a prison sentence,” she says. “But you can’t go into a series hoping for it to fail. It’s not fair. It’s like somebody said to me when I was considering one of these shows, ‘Don’t get engaged if you’re not going to get married.’ ”

Sox It to Me

Being cast as Roger Maris’s wife, Pat, in the HBO baseball drama 61*, directed by her father, Billy Crystal, gave Once and Again‘s Jennifer Crystal Foley the first opportunity to bond with her dad via baseball since Crystal coached her Little League team more than 15 years ago. “Because he had two daughters,” says Foley, 29 (her sister Lindsay, an assistant editor on 61*, is now 23), “I always wondered if he wished he had a son who would be totally obsessed about baseball.” Now he does: her husband, Michael Foley, a screenwriter whom she married last year. However, the New York Yankee nut’s new son-in-law is—gasp!—a Boston Red Sox fan. “At our rehearsal dinner for our wedding, Mike’s family brought a Red Sox baby outfit and presented it to me,” she says. “My parents ran out of the room [screaming],’Never! Never!’ ”

The Joy of Sex

Kyle MacLachlan has discovered the secret to male longevity on HBO’s estrogen-charged hit series Sex and the City, “Make friends with the writers,” says the actor, who will be back as Kristin Davis’s libido-challenged husband in new episodes that begin airing June 3. MacLachlan admits he’s had to step up his gym time to prepare for another season of love scenes. “I’m 42 now, so you really can’t get too far gone, because it doesn’t bounce back the way it used to,” he says. “But it keeps you on the straight and narrow, because you know at some point you’ll be in various states of undress. You want to look good. Especially with a million pairs of eyes on you. Hey, I’m as vain as the next person.”

Send in the Clone

The next casting agent who searches for an actress to play Julia Roberts‘s sister need look no further than Monica Potter, who has been fielding questions about her resemblance to the Oscar winner since appearing in 1998’s Patch Adams. “I’d like to be related to Julia,” says the actress, who stars with Morgan Freeman in the thriller Along Came a Spicier, a prequel to Freeman’s 1997 film Kiss the Girls. “Julia’s charming, the epitome of a movie star, and she’s beautiful. Maybe I’ll get a dark wig.” On the other hand, Potter, 29, recalls a time when she was likened to a not-so-pretty woman: “My sister used to tell me, ‘You look like Milton Berle.’ ”

No, Adrian

Having done five films in the series, Sylvester Stallone insists that the Rocky road has finally come to an end. “In my fantasies, I’d love to do one more, but I don’t think it would be in good taste at this age,” says Stallone, 54. The actor, who currently stars in the racecar drama Driven, which he also wrote, holds out even less hope for a revival of his other big film franchise, the Rambo series. “I am not doing another Rambo,” he says. “I don’t know if I’d look that good in a thong anymore.”