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The More Things Change…

Playing a drug-dealing hairdresser in the drama Blow felt like a long, strange trip for Paul Reubens. “It was like coming full circle, because I started out in Cheech and Chong films,” says the actor formerly known as Pee-wee Herman, who appeared in two of that duo’s early-’80s comedies. “There I was again, snorting fake coke and smoking fake pot.” Next, Reubens, 48, appears in what has become Hollywood’s equivalent of jury duty—a guest spot on Ally McBeal, as a man suing Sting in the April 30 episode. He doesn’t get to sing with him (that honor went to Robert Downey Jr.), but “I sang at him.” Reubens says. “I was in a deposition where I had to sing a Sting song with Sting sitting at the table. I was supposed to be singing badly, and it was embarrassing. I don’t think it was a happy experience for him either.”

Wedding Party Favors

“I was afraid he couldn’t act, and I didn’t know how I would break it to him if he sucked,” says Tara Reid, 25, whose fiancé, MTV veejay Carson Daly, plays himself in her film Josie and the Pussycats. “Then he did the scene, and he was better than me!” The couple’s next collaboration won’t be so easy. They postponed their May wedding so Reid can make another film before the anticipated actors’ strike. With a guest list that includes ‘N Sync bandmates, Britney Spears and Eminem, figuring out a new date—not to mention a seating chart—will be tricky. “Everyone scheduled their tours around our wedding date,” says Reid, “and will need at least six months’ notice. It might have to be a year from now.” That hasn’t stemmed the flood of engagement gifts, however. “We have more Cristal than you could ever imagine,” she says of the champagne that can run $300 a bottle. “The day we got engaged, we got 100 bottles. It must be everyone’s standard gift.”

Oscar the Couch Potato

“Vegas had me at 12-to-1 odds. I sure do wish I had bet on myself and made a little money,” says Pollock’s Marcia Gay Harden, who upset the heavily favored Kate Hudson to win Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. Although it remains to be seen how the win will affect Harden’s career, Oscar has already made a big impression on her daughter Eulala, 2. “She hauls him off this little couch-side stand he’s been sitting on and lugs him to her bedroom,” reports Harden, 41. “So when a friend comes over and wants to see it, we have to go to her room, find Oscar and put him back. He’s become a pal to Eulala. The pressure to have a little brother is on, that’s all I can say, because Oscar needs to go back on the shelf.”

Sarah, Plane and Simple

Buffy the Vampire Slayer hits a milestone next month when the show airs its 100th episode. In that time, series star Sarah Michelle Gellar has gotten used to seeing her face in some strange places. “My goddaughter has a Buffy lunch box,” she says. “That’s my favorite, because she takes it to school and says, ‘That’s my auntie!’ ” It’s her only chance to see Auntie these days. Gellar, 24, is shuttling from Buffy’s L.A. set to Australia, where she is filming Scooby Doo, playing Daphne to beau Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Fred. “I’m two icons! It’s very cool.” says Gellar, who doesn’t fret about her frequent flying. “I love being on the airplane. I catch up on movies. I saw five on my last ride.”

Bottoms Up

“Boy, was I lucky!” says The Last Picture Show’s Timothy Bottoms, whose uncanny resemblance to President Bush landed him the lead in Comedy Central’s new sitcom That’s My Bush! “After Bush won, I called my agent and said, ‘See if he needs a double, because I’m not getting any work.’ ” While the controversial series has gotten some rave reviews, Bottoms, 49, says the offer is still open. “If he needs somebody to walk across the lawn and be the decoy, I’ll work for him,” he says. “A job’s a job.”