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Not a Series Couple

Having split with Superman four years ago when Lois & Clark went off the air, Teri Hatcher is hoping to return to TV. She recently signed to make a sitcom pilot with thirty something’s Ken Olin after considering, and passing on, a series with husband Jon Tenney (You Can Count on Me). “I don’t know that people want to see real couples on-screen together,” says Hatcher, 36, who plays a villain in the family flick Spy Kids. “When does it work? Lucy and Desi? So, hardly ever.” Unless it’s a pairing with a twist. “We looked at one thing [in which we played] brother and sister,” she says, “which was more interesting than being married people.”

Oh, Brothers

D.L. Hughley’s three seasons on the UPN sitcom The Hughleystild not prepare him for his first job on a movie set, filming his comedy The Brothers. “It took two hours to do the first scene,” he says. “It was like working at the post office. I was like, ‘Y’ all do this for 14 hours?’ ” Hughley, 38, was also dismayed to discover that costars Shemar Moore (The Young and the Restless) and Morris Chestnut (The Best Man) rated higher on the heartthrob scale than he did. “Women would be screaming at Shemar and Morris,” he says. “Then they’d scream at me—to tap Shemar and Morris.”

My Farrah Lady

“Those were my boobs. I have the bras to prove it,” says Renée Zellweger of her ample bosom in the comedy Bridget Jones’s Diary, for which she gained an estimated 25 lbs. (The actress has since shed the excess weight—and then some, judging from her skinny silhouette at the Oscars. “She is right back to the way she used to be,” says her spokesperson.) But her previous attempts at body enhancement have been a disaster. As a teenager, “I had big hair with tons of spray,” says the native Texan, 31. “Have you ever been to Texas in the summer? I had the Farrah look—with humidity. I had the big bangs and looked like I ran into a really strong headwind. When you’re 19, you don’t think there’s a back side to your hair. It always looks awful.”

Remembering Chris

Casting the late Chris Farley’s two brothers John and Kevin Farley in the upcoming comedy Joe Dirt wasn’t easy for David Spade, the film’s star and co-writer, who stopped seeing the siblings after Farley died of a drug overdose in 1997. “They remind me so much of Chris in their inflections and delivery,” he says. “It was just too hard for me to deal with. I guess what they say about time healing you is true.” Spade, 36, regrets that more wasn’t done to help his friend overcome his addictions. “I had those talks with Chris two years before anyone else did,” he says. “Something should have been done earlier. Everyone comes out of the woodwork [to help] at a certain point, but it was too late with Chris. As a friend, you can only do so much.”


“I certainly hope I don’t have a crazier year anytime soon,” says comedian Tom Green, who in the last 12 months has successfully battled testicular cancer, gotten engaged to Drew Barrymore and survived a fire that destroyed the couple’s Hollywood home. Now he’s looking ahead to the April 20 release of Freddy Got Fingered—a comedy he co-wrote, directed and stars in—and his upcoming wedding to Barrymore, which, by the way, will be when? “It’s fun to leave it a little mysterious,” says Green, 29, who has been working overtime to throw reporters off the scent. “As long as my friends and family know what’s going on, that’s really what’s important,” he says, adding mischievously, “And they all know we got married last year in Cleveland.”