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Plump Role

While some actresses pick at their plates before they go in front of the camera, Renée Zellweger has been pigging out for her role as the weight-challenged heroine in the screen version of Helen Fielding’s bestseller Bridget Jones’s Diary, currently filming in London. “I have been eating six pizzas and three candy bars a day,” says Zellweger, 31, “plus fettuccine Alfredo and peanut-butter sandwiches.” But the actress, who costars with real-life love Jim Carrey in the new comedy Me, Myself and Irene, says that her all-you-can-eat diet hasn’t been as fun as you might expect. “It’s gross to me now—it’s force-feeding,” says Zellweger. “The crew brings me my fourth Snickers and says, ‘It’s time.’ ”

Two to Tango

Although he is 69, tango enthusiast Robert Duvall says he hasn’t lost a step. “I practice the tango every single day,” says Duvall, who costars in the hit car-heist flick Gone in 60 Seconds. In fact, the actor even plans on bringing the sexy Latin dance to the screen. “I’m working on a tango movie right now called Assassination Tango,” he reports. “It’s about social dancing clubs”—places where people go to enjoy and learn the more formal types of dancing. “Francis Ford Coppola is producing it. I’m directing.” The two, who have previously worked together on such films as The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, have a history with the subject matter. “I used to go to social dancing clubs,” explains Duvall. “And the first time I did the tango, he was in the audience. So now we’ve come full circle.”

In Plain Sight

Former Miss America Vanessa L. Williams made a conscious effort to tone down her looks while chasing the bad guys with Samuel L. Jackson in Shaft. “I said, ‘Let’s take off some of the makeup and pull the hair back,’ ” says Williams, 37. “I wanted it to be gritty. For my character, it’s about being a cop on the streets. I didn’t want you to see her as this woman who just cared if her mascara looked right. Criminals don’t stop to admire your eye shadow.” As for why her character doesn’t succumb to Shaft’s notorious romantic prowess, Williams explains, “She’s actually married, but that mention got cut out.” Besides, she adds, “there’s always the sequel.”

Gotta Dance!

“I hope the Shakespeare purists won’t come after me,” says Kenneth Branagh of his movie-musical adaptation of Love’s Labour’s Lost. The British filmmaker, who wrote, directed and stars in the flick, was spurred on by his role in last year’s adventure Wild Wild West. “I was stuck in a wheelchair playing this deranged villain,” says Branagh, 39, whose character did not have legs. “I felt this mass amount of rage at being so confined. I thought, ‘What can I do that is the direct opposite of this situation?’ The only thing I could think of was that I could sing and dance.”

Pause and Reflect

Having been paired with Brad Pitt in the 1998 drama Meet Joe Black and Freddie Prinze Jr. in the new romantic comedy Boys and Girls, Claire Forlani may be the envy of many young women. But the British actress insists she’s not as glamorous as she may appear onscreen. “Style and fashion have never been in the forefront of my attention,” says Forlani, 28. “I was one of the few who was so grateful to be able to wear a school uniform.” Plus, that prevented her from spending much time in front of the mirror. “I’m not a big mirror person,” she says. “When I’m not filming, I pretty much avoid looking in the mirror. I spare myself. When you’re filming, it’s all very focused on how you look, especially if you’re a girl. So I give myself a break.”