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Mama’s boys

Former Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson Lee will never want for male company, thanks to her two sons with estranged husband Tommy Lee: Brandon Thomas, 2, and Dylan Jagger, 9 months. “I wake up with my boys; I sleep with them; I’m with them all the time,” says Anderson Lee, 31, whose new syndicated series V.I.P. begins this month. “When we come to the studio, the oldest one says, ‘Wanna go see Hot Wheels track!’ Mostly, the littlest one tries to eat his Beanie Babies.” Mom’s creative work environment seems to be rubbing off. “Brandon is very imaginative,” she says. “He loves to feed me pretend food. He even reads to Dylan. He can’t actually read yet, of course. He picks up a book, turns the pages and tells Dylan a story.”

Basset! hound

Newcomer Taye Diggs, who plays Angela Bassett’s 20-year-old lover in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, says it’s about time an older actress was paired with a younger actor—instead of the other way around. “I think it’s refreshing to mix it up,” says Diggs, who, at 27, is 13 years younger than Bassett. “A younger man and an older woman can fall in love, and it can be okay. The world is not going to end. Not unless I’m 12 and she’s 89. That could be a problem.” In fact, Diggs couldn’t resist a peek at those killer gams Bassett unveiled as Tina Turner in 1993’s What’s Love Got to Do with It. “I asked her to show me those legs,” he admits, adding, “but she never did sing to me.”

Screen gem

Renée Zellweger, who played Tom Cruise‘s love interest in the 1996 hit Jerry Maguire, may be one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses, yet she is still mistaken for pop singer Jewel. “I hear it all the time,” says Zellweger, 29, who costars with Meryl Streep in the drama One True Thing, due Sept. 19. “A waitress will come up and go, ‘Your work is so wonderful, I really love you.’ And I’ll say, ‘Oh, my God, thank you. That means so much.’ Then she will say, ‘Your lyrics are so good, Jewel.’ ”

Web sight

In the hit action thriller Blade, Stephen Dorff sinks his teeth into the role of Deacon Frost, the archenemy of the vampire-slaying comic-book hero (played by Wesley Snipes). So who was his favorite comic-book hero growing up? “I had an obsession with Spider-Man for a few years,” says Dorff, 25. “When I was real young, I had a Spider-Man costume. I put it on every day after school. But I don’t know if I would be right to play Spider-Man in a movie.” Apparently he wasn’t right for the lead in Titanic either, although he was up for the role that eventually went to Leonardo DiCaprio. “I think things happen for a reason,” Dorff says philosophically. “Obviously, if I’d gotten it, I would have been on a different path. But when you do a movie that makes a billion dollars, it’s a scary thing because what do you do next?”

Neat freak

She may have kissed Brad Pitt when she was 11 in 1994’s Interview with the Vampire, but 16-year-old actress Kirsten Dunst is in no hurry to grow up. “You’re a kid a shorter time than you are an adult, so I figure you should enjoy being a kid as long as you can,” says Dunst, who costars in the upcoming boarding-school drama Strike. Still, Dunst does not sound like your typical teen. “I clean my room on my own,” she says. “It’s like therapy for me. When I go home and feel I’ve done a really good job at work, I’ll clean my room. I love to vacuum and dust. I even do windows!”