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“I am not the female Jackie Chan,” says Asian action-movie queen Michelle Yeoh, 34, who costars as butt-kicking Bond girl Wai Lin in the latest 007 adventure, Tomorrow Never Dies. “I love to see an Asian woman portrayed as something other than that demure, frightened, frail thing. But I’m not quite as foolish as Jackie.” In fact, Yeoh, who matched stunts with Chan in 1992’s Supercop, has one safety record she’s determined not to break. “I have no broken bones,” she says proudly. “I have dislocated my shoulder. I’ve cracked my share of ribs. I’ve ruptured an artery. But I have never broken a bone.”


Six days before his action-adventure Hard Rain opens Jan. 16, Christian Slater is due to start serving hard time for hitting his ex-girlfriend, biting a man and fighting with cops during a cocaine and alcohol binge last August. “As I make mistakes, I’m in the public eye. As I clean them up, I’ve got to do that publicly also,” says Slater, 28, who has been sentenced to 90 days in jail. “A lot of times I’ve been trying to live up to a certain image, to be this movie star who suffers for his art. But the guy behind the image is going to make mistakes. Taking responsibility and accepting the consequences for mistakes is vital.” Slater just wrapped the black comedy Very Bad Things, in which he plays a bad boy. “He’s completely out of his mind,” says Slater. “It’s fun to play characters who are outrageous. But I need to get my own head screwed back on.”


Directing his three oldest children in his $80 million drama The Postman was a stratagem in financial planning for Kevin Costner. “I had to get their college funds started early,” jokes Costner, 42, of casting his daughters Annie, 13, and Lily, 11, and son Joe, 9. “For me, it was terribly satisfying. At the end of the day, I would drive home with the kids and they felt like giants. It was better than a great opening weekend.” Taking their cues from Daddy didn’t bring about any creative differences for the Costner clan. “I don’t like to sit in a room in the dark pretending I’m [David O.] Selznick,” says Costner. “I like to bring everyone in to see dailies. Bring in a pizza too.”