Chuck Arnold
October 27, 1997 12:00 PM


Noah Wyle, who stars in the dysfunctional-family drama The Myth of Fingerprints, plays one of four siblings who goes home for Thanksgiving. Except for the dysfunctional part, it must have seemed like old times. Well, sort of. “I am the oldest boy of six kids,” says Wyle, 26, who grew up in Los Angeles. “But it wasn’t like The Brady Bunch. All the boys didn’t have the same room. And I went away to boarding school when I was 13.” Wyle has since moved into America’s living rooms as Dr. John Carter on NBC’s top-rated drama ER. So how did he celebrate after the show’s live season premiere? “I just went home and crashed,” he says. “We did it.” But Wyle already has a few ideas about how they can top themselves. “I think the next thing will be the underwater episode of ER,” he says. “We’re all taking swimming lessons.”


Stylish singer-actor Harry Connick Jr. is well-suited to cohost the VH1 Fashion Awards with Ashley Judd Oct. 24 in New York City (taped to air Oct. 28). At home, Connick admits he commands more closet space than his wife, fashion model Jill Goodacre. “She can’t even compete,” says Connick, 30, with a laugh. “I’ve got everything—shoes, suits, shirts, pants, jeans, T-shirts, sweaters. Man, when it comes to that stuff, get out of my way.” But when it comes to getting dressed in a timely fashion, Connick is at a distinct disadvantage. “I’ve got to, like, make myself look good,” he says. “But Jill looks great wearing anything. You kind of hate her for that.”


Sigourney Weaver, who plays a faithless suburban wife in the current drama The Ice Storm, resurfaces on more familiar terrain next month in the fourth Alien movie, Alien Resurrection. And her character, Ripley, who committed suicide in Alien 3, comes back from the dead with a real lust for life. “It’s kind of kinky,” says Weaver, 48. “It gave me a chance to play something completely different from what I’ve done with Ripley in the past.” Weaver remains coy on whether that included a reported sex scene with the alien. “It is a more sensual movie—let’s put it that way,” she says slyly. “I don’t think it’s a hardcore sex-with-an-alien movie. That’s Alien 5.”


Having starred in last year’s The Craft and Scream, does Party of Five’s Neve Campbell think she’ll be seen as the new Jamie Lee Curtis of horror flicks? “Oh, I hope not,” says Campbell, 24, who returns in Scream 2 this December. “She’s herself. Besides, she got out of the scream thing.” For now, Campbell isn’t annoyed when fans ask her to shriek in public. “It hap-k pens all the time,” she says brightly. “I love screaming, so usually I do it. I like to cooperate. Plus, I’ve been screaming all my life. I learned how by doing The Phantom of the Opera as a kid. Believe me, we spent the whole play screaming.”

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