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“On my last day there were so many flowers in my trailer that it looked like I had died,” says Gail O’Grady, 33, whose last episode as NYPD Blue secretary Donna Abandando airs this week. O’Grady is leaving the precinct to star in her own Fox pilot this fall. “They had a cake decorated like an Abandando sweater—bright pink and purple, with jewels on it. When my buddy Gordon Clapp [who plays Detective Medavoy] and I filmed our goodbye scene, he could hardly look at me. Everyone got weepy.” For her parting gift, the cast assembled a box containing all things Donna: among them, a troll pencil, a Rangers pennant, big earrings, a Polaroid of Dennis Franz. “I’m a troublemaker and so’s he,” says O’Grady. “He’d leave a doughnut on my chair before a scene so I’d sit on it.”


Jon Tenney, who played an art director on CBS’s spring sitcom Good Company, will be acting with his wife, Teri Hatcher, for the first time when he guest-stars as a villain on the two-part season finale of ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (ending May 12). “I had my own trailer, but I found my way into hers quite a bit,” says Tenney, 33. It wasn’t just chemistry that brought the two together four years ago. “Teri’s father is a physicist, and my dad was a research physicist in nuclear fusion at Princeton,” Tenney says. “We hit on that when we first met.” Not that husband and wife are about to abandon showbiz for a university laboratory. “Last year we both read a book on quantum physics, but we don’t come home and play with liquid nitrogen or split atoms. We go to the movies and make dinner too.”


Tom Berenger’s role as a mercenary soldier turned substitute teacher among high school toughs in the action flick The Substitute didn’t bring back memories of an unruly teenhood. “I was a real quiet kid,” Berenger, 45, says of his days at Chicago’s St. Leo High School. “I was just into sports. I didn’t go around saying I wanted to be an actor. That could get you a beating.” Berenger, of course, went on to become a movie star, but what does he think happened to Sam, the handsome but insecure TV star he played in The Big Chill, the 1983 film about a reunion of college friends? “I’d love to revisit those people,” says Berenger of a proposed sequel that has been talked about in Hollywood for years. “In my mind, Sam ended up a drunk in Marina del Rey. He’s the Big Nil.”


In her role as Ellen DeGeneres’s best friend, Paige, on ABC’s Ellen, Joely Fisher, 28, gets married this month (May 8 and 15). Then, on Dec. 31, Joely herself will wed Christopher Duddy, a cinematographer she met through DeGeneres last year. Fisher’s mother, Connie Stevens (dad is singer Eddie Fisher), is helping to plan the event. “Mom and I both want a big, traditional wedding. It’s the details we see differently. She’s from Brooklyn and sees a wedding where they throw food and dance and pin money on the bride and groom, and I’m like, ‘No food throwing!’ Mom says, ‘Oh, you’re not Princess Diana, Joely!’ ” But with two stars as parents, isn’t she Hollywood royalty? Maybe, says Fisher, “but we had the same problems as anyone else. We just had them in a bigger house.”