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Nancy Boy, a glam-rock band led by Donovan Leitch (the model, actor and son of the ’60s Sunshine Superman singer Donovan), releases its first U.S. album this week but already counts Mick Jagger among its fans. “We were playing at Don Hill’s, a club in New York City, and the night before, I saw Mick at the Council of Fashion Designers awards,” says Leitch, 28. “His daughter Karis is a really old friend of mine, and he said, ‘I’ll come and check you guys out.’ When he walked in, it was bedlam. He’s like Nancy Boy’s Auntie Em.” But then, Leitch is rooted in ’60s rock. “My mother [Enid Karl] told me I was conceived at George Harrison’s house,” he says, adding that his dad also has a record due later this year. “We won’t get the bin next to his, though. He’s Donovan, we’re Nancy Boy.”


“It’s unbelievable that I am at the Kennedy Center,” talk show host Oprah Winfrey told the crowd in Washington, “but what is more extraordinary is that you all paid to be here, and I don’t even sing.” Winfrey, 42, was at the Ken Cen to talk about leadership and achievement as part of the Nation’s Capitol Distinguished Speakers Series, but the part of her lecture we found most distinguished was her report on being a celebrity and using a public rest room. It’s not easy to do, she revealed, without arousing curiosity at a time when nobody really welcomes having an audience. “There are moments,” she said, “like in the bathroom stall at O’Hare Airport, you hear, ‘Is that her?’ ‘Did she gain the weight back?’ ‘She’s shorter than I thought.’ Once I walked out and three women applauded. That is when I knew: I am famous.”


Yes, it’s finally time for the big Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis estate sale at Sotheby’s in Manhattan (April 23-26), and comic-cum-jewelry hawker Joan Rivers has her checkbook ready. “It’s going to be great fun,” says Rivers, 62, who has her eye on Jackie’s costume jewelry and, in particular, a gold and black-enamel lighter with the initial J. “It’s perfect—Joan, Jackie. She’d have wanted me to have that,” says Rivers. “I’m going to tell people Jackie left it to me. After she said goodbye to the kids, she said, ‘Give this to Joan.’ ”


Dan Aykroyd, 43, who plays a crazed fan in Celtic Pride—the new comedy about two Boston Celtics fanatics (Aykroyd and Daniel Stern) who kidnap the opposing team’s star player (Damon Wayans)—says he doesn’t worry about intruding admirers. “People don’t come on my property because they know,” he says cryptically. “Two words: Wood chipper.” The actor’s most memorable encounter with a fan came while driving through Arkansas. “I got pulled over [for speeding] by a state trooper who said, ‘I won’t write you a ticket if my buddy can meet you.’ He got on his radio and, by the time it was over, there were 10 police cars surrounding me with sirens blaring. It was nice, though. I got a 90 mph escort to the state line. No ticket, either.”