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After several years of calling Aspen home, Executive Decision‘s Kurt Russell, 45, and Goldie Hawn, his companion of 14 years, recently returned to Los Angeles with their four children (son Wyatt, 9, Goldie’s kids Kate, 16, and Oliver, 19, from her marriage to Bill Hudson, and Kurt’s son Boston, 16, from his marriage to Season Hubley). “Goldie’s mother had a heart attack and couldn’t breathe at such a high altitude,” he says, “so we all came back to L.A. Now our kids are in school here, and we’re ready for the next earthquake.” With luck, when the Big One makes the terra less firma, Russell and family will be airborne—in his new eight-seat Cessna. “My grandfather was an aviator, and some of that went into my brain,” says Russell, who has been flying for eight years and, like his Executive hero, could probably land a commercial jetliner in a pinch. “I tried out a 737 simulator and put it down without too much trouble. Airplanes are airplanes.”


Tennis legend turned TV commentator Chris Evert has yet to crack the spine of Breaking Point, the new mystery novel by her friend and former on-court rival Martina Navratilova. “Read a book?” says Evert, 41. “Are you kidding? When my kids are 16, I’ll be able to read books. Right now I’m watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” She and her husband, ex-Olympic skier Andy Mill, live in Boca Raton, Fla., with their sons Alexander, 4, and Nicholas, almost 2, and are expecting a third child in June. “With the boys, it’s hyperenergy all day long,” says Evert. “Andy wrestles with them in the morning, but when he goes to work, they look at me—with my big stomach—all eager to play. I just give them this look: Don’t even think about it.” Might a baby daughter spell relief? “If I hear one more person say, ‘Hope it’s a girl!’ I’m going to get really angry,” says an exasperated Evert. “If it’s a boy, do I apologize? I love boys!”

Former Growing Pains ingenue Tracey Gold married TV production assistant Roby Marshall 18 months ago and says that, if the first year of marriage is the hardest, “we’ve got a good life ahead of us.” Gold, 26, next stars in the CBS movie Face of Evil (airing April 9), filmed in Utah. “I miss my husband so much when I go on location,” she says. “I cry in the car to the airport, I write him a love letter on the plane. For me, separation anxiety is the worst.” Gold believes she has put her much publicized battle with anorexia behind her but says, “I do always have to watch myself. It can creep right back up on you. A lot of girls [with eating disorders] have followed the stories about my battle, and that helps keep me strong—to know that I’ve affected other lives and that my decline would affect girls who relate to my struggle and get strength in knowing that you can beat it.”

Prancing about as the campy butler in director Mike Nichols‘ hit comedy The Birdcage, Hank Azaria flaunted a minimal wardrobe of thongs and tight shorts, prompting much teasing from his costars. “They said I wasn’t the best dressed on set but the least dressed. Talk about suffering for your art,” says Azaria, 31. Birdcage may have made $60.6 million in its first three weeks, but Azaria says that, in his everyday clothes, fans don’t recognize him. Despite earlier roles in Quiz Show and Heat and a recurring one as a dog walker on girlfriend Helen Hunt‘s hit show Mad About You, Azaria says, “No one knows who I am. We’ll be out to dinner, and all these Mad About You fans swarm around asking for Helen’s autograph. Then they look at me and say, ‘You’re not Paul Buchman!’ and glare at her because she’s cheating on her TV husband.”