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The mind reels. Bemused Everyman Garry Shandling between the sheets with supervixen Sharon Stone? But the unthinkable happens this week on The Larry Sanders Show (HBO), Shandling’s outrageously sly send-up of the talk show business, when Stone—portraying herself as a guest—gets along very well with the show’s host, played by Shandling. Shooting the bedroom scene, says the comic, 44, “was surreal. You see her do those in movies, and then suddenly it’s you. It’s an experience I have yet to assimilate into my consciousness.” Not that many others weren’t willing to try. “There were so many people on our lot wanting to watch that scene, we had to close the set. It was very much like how everyone felt about the comet that crashed into Jupiter. They wanted to see something they’d never seen before: me in bed with someone like Sharon Stone.”


After shooting her scenes as a special-education teacher in Untamed Love, a TV movie airing this month on cable’s Lifetime network, Cathy Lee Crosby, 44, knew why a staff lounge is a necessity, not a luxury, for teachers. “It [working with children] took every ounce of energy I had,” says Crosby of the film, which features real-life kids with learning and behavioral problems. “I think all the anguish I caused my teachers [as a child] finally came back to me in triplicate.” While in high school in Los Angeles, Crosby “didn’t follow the rules too well,” pulling pranks such as chaining the front gate closed and locking the principal in the library. No doubt that principal could relate to Crosby’s wish list for her next project: “Something on a beautiful island, with grown-ups!”


It seems those sylphlike model types can really pack a wallop. That’s what Rosie O’Donnell learned the hard way on the set of Exit to Eden, a sex fantasy due this fall starring Dana Delany, Dan Akyroyd and former supermodel Iman. While filming a fight scene with O’Donnell, the 5’9″ Iman (married since 1992 to rocker David Bowie) says she “totally beat the crap out of her. Rosie looked at my fragile exterior and said, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’ ” But O’Donnell, 32, hadn’t seen Iman, 39, lifting weights every day. “I am very strong,” says Iman. “Once they said, ‘Action!’it took her and Dan to keep me down. The next day she was all black-and-blue, and there was not a scratch on me.”


Henry Thomas was only 10 years old when his angelic turn as Elliot in E.T. pigeonholed him as a child star. But Thomas, now 22, hopes to put a more mature spin on things with his roles in two upcoming movies, Curse of the Starving Class, adapted from a Sam Shepard play, and Legends of the Fall, with Anthony Hopkins. “People still recognize me, but now instead of a bull’s-eye right off the bat they say, ‘You look so familiar; did you go to this school, or date my little sister?’ ” In fact, Thomas stayed in Texas and attended Blinn Junior College, where he studied philosophy and history and came upon a simple truth: You can’t stay 10 forever. “Time,” he says, “is going to break me out of that mold anyway.”