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In Guilty as Sin, the new erotic thriller. Rebecca De Mornay plays a lawyer who defends a sweet-talking psychotic (Don Johnson). The characters’ “perverse relationship.*” says De Mornay, 30, had an eerie ring of verisimilitude for her: “I’ve met several smooth and manipulative womanizers like the character Don plays. [But] I was always wise to their games, and I didn’t play. Guys like that aren’t too hard to find in the entertainment business. But I wouldn’t say any of them were psychotic murderers—to the best of my knowledge.” For the record, De Mornay’s showbiz beaux to date have been actors Harry Dean Stanton and Tom Cruise, screenwriter-novelist (and ex-husband) Bruce Wagner and her current boyfriend, poet-songwriter Leonard Cohen. Not a psychotic murderer in the bunch.


Phylicia Rashad, The Cosby Show’s supermom lawyer, has traded torts for torch songs. This month, Rashad steps into the role of Anita, the seductive singer in Jelly’s Last Jam, the Broadway musical about jazzman Jelly Roll Morton. “The role belongs to the person playing it,” says Rashad, 44, who takes over a role created by Tonya Pinkins, who won a Tony last year in the part. “Thai’s why theater is so fresh all the lime.” With all the rehearsing she has been doing. Rashad hasn’t seen her old Cosby cast mates as often as she’d like—”I haven’t seen Bill in almost three weeks,” she complains—but says she will always be in touch. “The man who introduced me to my husband [Ahmad Rashad]? Try and keep me away.”


In his latest comedy, Life with Mikey, Michael J. Fox plays an ex-child star who, as a grown-up, becomes a talent agent specializing in kid clients. In real life, the ex-Family Ties regular and his wife, actress Tracy Pollan. have chosen to raise their son, Sam, 4, far from the clutches of show business. “I didn’t want my kid getting into fights on the playground about whose dad had a bigger opening weekend.” says Fox, 32, explaining why the family splits its time between homes in rural Connecticut and on a 120-acre farm in Vermont. “I can guarantee you that in the town where I live in Vermont [which he won’t name], the guy running the general store has not written a screenplay.”


Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham, known for his ability to scramble and improvise. almost pulled a bootleg play when he married Ballerina Felicity de Jajjer last month. In lieu of the traditional garter toss, say& Cunningham, “I was gonna have a big pair of bloomers up my sleeve, like size 60, and bring them out as a joke.” In the end, the QB did throw his bride’s garter to the guests, but he admits he had trouble completing the pass. “We’d picked out the garter together—purple, which I think is a great color—and she sprayed her perfume on it,” says Cunningham, 30. “I liked the garter so much I didn’t want to throw it. I wanted to keep it.” But the story has a happy ending: “I ended up going out and buying three more.”