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Sometimes a kiss is not just a kiss. Take the pivotal scene in the new movie Prelude to a Kiss, when Alec Kaldwin recognizes his young bride, Meg Ryan, in the body of an old man, actor Sydney Walker. (Well, go see for yourself.) What was it like for Walker, 71, to kiss Alec Baldwin? “To be kissed by Alec Baldwin,” corrects Walker, adding that it took six or seven takes to get the kiss right. “I just sat very quietly in my chair. He did all the work. It’s a very chaste kiss. That’s C-H-A-S-T-E. Nobody’s running around a desk.”


Most people contribute cash to a presidential campaign, but comedian Richard Lewis is offering money and jokes. “I’m lending my creative support to Bill Clinton and AlGore,” says Lewis, 44, who dropped in on the recent Democratic National Convention in New York City. “Every now and then, I’ll suggest 11 lings that are crucial from my point of view: funding for psychotherapy, and family values for people with no families, like my-self. Also, I’ll suggest they part their hair as far to the left as possible.” Lewis doesn’t intend to ask for any favors in return. “The only special interest I have is to support people with bad posture or with psoriasis behind their ears, which personally drives me crazy. I’ve probably lost two or three potential wives because of it.”


Elizabeth McGovern, who just finished playing Rosalind in Shakespeare’s romantic comedy As You Like It, in New York City’s Central Park, discovered that the play is not always the thing when performing outdoors. “You never know when the wind is going to connect to your microphone and nothing you say will be discernable to the audience,” says McGovern, 31. “Some nights it’s so muggy it feels like we’re doing it under a blanket of wet. We were rained out three times. And the goat we had jumped out.” The goat? “It was a one-night shot this goat had. He basically did his star turn and was fired. The lambs were baaa-ing at him, and it was just a big mess. He jumped right out of his pen and ale [actress] Siobhan Fallon’s skirt. It’s really disconcerting when you’ve been rehearsing for four weeks and the only thing the audience responds to is the goat.”


Former Designing Women star Delta Burke has had her share of bad press in recent years, and when ABC held a get-together to introduce her new situation comedy, Delta, to reporters, the now blond Burke didn’t extend the olive branch of peace. Here’s how she sun lined up her press coverage: “I think it sucks, basically,” said Burke, 36. “Most of the stuff said about me is bull—-t. It’s sort of like when they said I was pregnant, it’s like, wait long enough, they’ll realize you aren’t. I could have had an elephant by now.” Still, Burke sees a positive side to her front-page headlines. “The bad press put me where I am today. If they didn’t write about me at all, I wouldn’t be famous and I wouldn’t be here. I have to work to rise above it. You go into this thinking, ‘I want to be rich and famous.’ Had you known, you would just go for rich and powerful.”