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When Kurt Russell played golf in his late teens, he used to score in the 80s. This summer he’s swinging again and has been playing well, nearly netting himself a whole lot of green during a recent day on the links. “I have to tell you, I came real close to winning a million-dollar hole in one,” says Russell, 41, who nearly made the feat at the recent Aspen Charity Golf Classic. “Everybody was oohing and aahing, and I thought I had it. Then the ball slopped about lour feel from the hole. If I’d gotten it in. I’d have won a million dollars. Half of it would have gone to the Aspen Junior Golf Foundation [which provides funds for leaching golf to local children]. The other half probably would have gone into—I don’t know—an airplane. But I don’t have to worry about it now.” Does Russell ever get so teed off he throws a club? “No,” he says, “I’m not that good.”


Turning 50 can plunge anyone into a mid-life crisis, even Jack Nicholson. “I suddenly realized that I had maybe 15, 20 years left, and I was fat and bloated and looking like a beagle on downers,” Nicolson, now 55, reveals in the September issue of British Elle magazine. “I saw where I was headed, and it didn’t look pretty. I’m not anxious to imitate Marlon Brando.” Nicholson took action, shedding 40 lbs. and taking up with actress Rebecca Broussard, 28, with whom he has since had two children, daughter Lorraine, 2, and son Raymond, 6 months. Asked why he continues to maintain a house apart from his family, he said, “Everybody makes a big thing of that. Look, it’s so simple. I’m very moody and I shouldn’t be around anyone when I think the world is too awful to tolerate. I need to have a place where no one gets into. Rebecca understands that, and it’s fantastic for our relationship. It’s my office—not my harem.”


Pop singer Curtis Stigers can pinpoint his earliest musical influence. “My mom said I was conceived to the chorus of the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction,’ ” says Stigers, 26, whose eponymous debut album has been a million seller. Having recently opened on tour for Elton John, Prince and, currently, Eric Clapton, Stigers has had a chance to get to know some of the icons who influenced his early years. But nothing, he reports, quite rocked his world like meeting the Godfather of Soul, James Brown. “I didn’t know what he was saying,” says Stigers, “but I was in heaven. It was like hanging out with God.”


When Holly Robinson was cast as Diana Ross in the upcoming ABC miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream, concerning Michael and his singing siblings, Robinson began studying videotapes of Ross at work. Better the ex—21 Jump Street star should have hit the gym. “In one scene, I was wearing three-inch heels and a remake of a 1,000-pound Bob Mackie beaded dress with a train. It reminded me of when you go to the dentist and they put that leaded vest on you,” says Robinson, 27, who does her own singing in the movie. “And worse than that, I had to glide across the stage, throw out my hip and never let them see those knees bend. I did that for six or seven hours. My legs and feel hurt for three weeks!”