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Dan Quayle’s meddling in the affairs of fictitious characters such as Murphy Brown did not extend to those in his wife’s mystery novel, Embrace the Serpent. “He had no input into the content of the book whatsoever,” says Marilyn Quayle, 42, who cowrote the thriller with her sister, Nancy Northeott, 47. “He stayed so far away from that, [but] we asked him to read the book early on so that he’d know what he was getting into. So if it truly were going to be embarrassing, he could say, ‘Hey, I think maybe this isn’t a very good idea.’ But he said, ‘Go, great!’ ” Would Mrs. Quayle ever consider running for President someday? “I have absolutely no desire to be President! I want to write best-selling novels,” says Mrs. Quayle, adding, “I’d say one politician in the Quayle family is plenty.”


Charles S. Dutton spent nine years in prison for manslaughter and other charges but didn’t use that experience when he played a convict in Alien 3. “Those old memories never pop up, and I don’t try to conjure them,” says Dutton, 41 and the star of Fox-TV’s Roc situation comedy. “Alien takes place hundreds of years in the future. I only knew how the cells looked in the ’60s and ’70s. Maybe if I’d played this part 10 years ago, I’d have used some kind of recall. But now I have a body of work behind me.” Dutton, who discovered drama in prison and later attended Yale’s School of Drama, says, “I was lucky. I finally understood in my mid-20s that it takes more courage, more hipness, more cool to not pull out a pistol because some guy steps on your shoe.”


It may take more than mere millions to convince Mel Gibson and Danny Glover to reprise their roles as Riggs and Murtaugh in yet another Lethal Weapon. Just before they wrapped LW3, says Gibson, 36, “we looked at one another and I said, ‘Man, this is getting hard.’ It’s hard to keep something going this long and have it be fresh and exciting. I don’t think we can do it again or it’s going to get stale.” Glover says their camaraderie carried them through this last time. “We have talks about stuff now we never could have had the first time around,” says Glover, 44. “Just little things like being married and having kids. We fell that closeness more on this film because it’s the end of the road for us.” Nonetheless Gibson and Glover fans have reason to take heart. If the material’s right, they will happily team up again. Says Gibson: “As long as they’re not two cops, you know what I mean?”