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Now that he has gone through Parenthood and been Father of the Bride, is Steve Martin becoming, gasp, a father figure? “I guess it’s a little surprising,” says Martin, 46, “but I don’t feel like I’m exclusively a movie dad. What surprises me is to do a movie like Father of the Bride and have people still say, ‘So this is a first for you, an emotional, serious film?’ I feel like I’ve done five of them already. I’m not doing ‘wild and crazy’ The Man with Two Brains comedy anymore. If I didn’t change, I’d be an idiot.”


Catherine O’Hara is eager to repeat her role as Macaulay Culkin’s mother in Home Alone II, which began shooting last month in New York City. “I haven’t seen Mac since the opening of the first film, when he looked adorable in a tuxedo, with his hair all slicked back,” says O’Hara, 37. “Then I saw him a while back on Saturday Night Live. He’d gotten so big. I tell you, they grow up so fast, even when they’re not really your own kids!” As for the new plot, O’Hara has been sworn to secrecy. “But I think it’s safe to say,” she confides, “that Kevin [Culkin] will be left alone somewhere again.”


How does a San Francisco 49er spend his off-season? Mining for old. Quarterback Joe Montana and his wife, Jennifer, who is expecting the couple’s fourth child in April, spent last summer in Europe buying furnishings for their new Bay Area home, which is modeled after an Italian Renaissance villa. “We brought back a big old marble tub for the master bathroom, a fireplace from Paris for the living room and a lot of gilded mirrors and tables. Also we have a reproduction of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on the ceiling in the living room,” says Montana, 35, who sat out this season because of an elbow injury. Jennifer says that the painting “complements the fireplace we brought, which has a man and a woman reaching for each other, with their fingertips almost touching.” Wait until the guys in the huddle hear about this one…


Dawnn Lewis, who plays Jaleesa on NBC’s A Different World, is five months pregnant on the show and will deliver by season’s end. “I love acting pregnant,” says Lewis, 29, who in real life is unmarried and has never had a child. “I get to belch and walk funny and eat like a fat pig. I wear this baby belly, a padded pantie girdle, and people keep rubbing my stomach and telling me what a pretty mother I’d make. But with this added belly and added behind, I look like a hippo. Still, if you’re gonna be pregnant, that’s the way to do it. Put it on, take it off!”