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Heavy D., the ample rapper who has been recording since 1987, thinks there are too many rappers out there these days. “I’m appalled not by the bad rappers but more by the record companies trying to pimp rap as if it were a ho [whore],” says Heavy, whose new Heavy D. and the Boyz album, his third, is titled Peaceful Journey. “Rap is an art form. It is not just pulling lyrics that rhyme to a melody. These execs are naive, thinking that any black man could rap. Just like those who think any black man has a big you-know-what. They send these A&R guys [talent scouts] out into the street to find some kids to make a rap record, bring them to the studio and think they’ll have a hit record, and then it flops.” If the record company executives are guilty of stereotyping, perhaps so is Heavy D. “These A&R guys all look the same,” he says. “They’re all well dressed, with glasses, maybe going bald but still managing a ponytail, trying to talk cool. They know not to call me ‘home boy’ though.”


Despite appearing in Jungle Fever, the most talked-about movie on interracial romance since Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, actress Tyra Ferrell thinks Hollywood should balance its books with a few more love stories entirely in the black. “The truth of the matter is I don’t want to see interracial relationships in films—not yet,” says Ferrell, 29, who also appears this summer in Boyz N the Hood. “How can we really accept seeing black and white couples loving each other without giving us that chance first? I’m not prejudiced against interracial love—some of the loves of my life have been white—but what’s important is before we start putting black men loving white women on that screen, we need to put black men there with black women and have them loving each other. And that’s not happening enough.”


“The best thing about being 15,” says model-actress Milla Jovovich, the Russian-born teenager who stars in Return to the Blue Lagoon, the sequel to the 1980 Brooke Shields film, “is dating. It’s fun. [She dates only older boys, say 18 to 20.] The worst thing is acne. When it comes, I just sit around and wait for it to disappear. Thank God I don’t get it often, because I’m right at that age when I’m getting it for the first time in my life, and I’m always yelling, ‘Oh no! What’s going on? Not today, hormones, I’ve got a date.’ ” Does this shrieking remedy work? Says Milla: “Those hormones never listen.”


Knots Landing veteran Joan Van Ark confesses to using a fan’s letter to get her husband to wake up and smell the coffee. “A guy once wrote, ‘Joan, I’ve seen and taped all your shows, but I have nothing of you nude.’ He very politely asked, ‘Could you please send me a tape of you naked?’ So I left the note by the coffeemaker for my husband [Los Angeles TV news reporter John Marshall] to see,” says Van Ark, 48. “When he saw it in the morning, he said, ‘What in the world?’ He called the guy and said, ‘I want you to know I am the husband of that woman, and this did not please me very much.’ ”