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“Never, never, N-E-V-E-R, never,” says director PAUL MAZURSKY, 60 (at near right), when asked if WOODY ALLEN had ever visited a shopping mall before starring in Mazursky’s latest movie, Scenes from a Mall with BETTE MIDLER. “I took Woody to the mall [where some of the film’s scenes were shot] in Stamford, Conn. He said to me, as we stood there looking at the elevators and escalators going up and down, ‘What’s this?’ I said, “This is a mall, Woody.” Woody said, “What do you mean, this is a mall? I thought a mall was more like one of those flat places.’ I said, “You mean, like a fast-food place where you drive through?’ He said, “Yeah.” I told him. “No. Woody, this is a mall.’ ‘Oh, my God.’ he said. Then he started walking around, shopping for toys for his kids. I think he got a kick out of it, but I don’t think he’ll go back.”


Actress BLAIR BROWN, 42, best known as the star of the Lifetime cable series The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd, has temporarily given up stage work. “A year or so ago, I did a play [DAVID HARE’s The Secret Rapture], and my son [ROBERT, 8, by actor RICHARD JORDAN] said, ‘Mom, I really hate it when you do a play,’ ” says Brown. “In the theater, even though you work four hours, it’s the time when your child is home. In films you get to go home at night. So I decided I’m not going to do a play until he’s of an age where I don’t have to read him to sleep—an age when he’s glad to be rid of me.” And when will that be? “They date in the fourth grade now, according to the New York Times.”


Who says death is no picnic? Certainly not thirtysomething’s PETER HORTON, who, with fellow cast members, celebrated the death of his character, Gary, with a feast at costar MELANIE MAYRON’S house last month on the Tuesday night that the fateful episode aired. “”We all brought food and piled it on Melanie’s dining room table, almost like you would at a wake,” says Horton. “The feelings were both sad and warm. Before the show we were laughing and letting loose. But once it started, there was silence. Everyone felt a sense that this was the beginning of the end of the show.” Now that Gary’s dead, Horton says he has mixed feelings. “It’s both disturbing and comforting. I’m still trying to figure out what I feel. For months I’ve been rehearsing my own death, and on a personal level, that’s very strange.”


Empty Nest’s heavy-jowled star, Bear, is in the doghouse with one of the hit sitcom’s two-legged stars, DINAH MANOFF. “I’m kind of bitter about that dog,” says Manoff, 33, who plays Carol Weston on the NBC series. “When you’re an actress, there’s something really unrealistic about waiting for the dog’s laugh. I’m tired of holding for the dog.” Bear could not be reached for comment.