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“Long Live Rock” may be a classic PETE TOWNSHEND song, but his mate and fellow band member ROGER DALTREY says Townshend is contradicting that message by deciding not to tour with the Who anymore. “It’s incredibly frustrating,” admits Daltrey, 46, who’s on this Friday’s (Feb. 15) episode of NBC’s Midnight Caller. “It’s like being married to the perfect woman who doesn’t want to live with you. Pete thinks we’re past our prime, and we’ve done it. Well, yeah, we’ve done it, but there’s no reason why we can’t still do it. What’s the big deal, Pete? Let’s just play.” As for the recent flap that followed publication of quotes by Townshend about having homosexual feelings, Daltrey insists his longtime pal was misunderstood. “Pete took this whole thing incredibly hard,” says Daltrey. “He’s got a family and children. But it’s like Pete says, and I agree with him—even if it was true, who cares?”


Actress VALERIE HARPER says that after spending eight years playing Rhoda Morgenstern, first on The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-74) and then on the spin-off Rhoda (1974-78), she is mistakenly assumed by most fans to be Jewish. “I’ve had little Jewish ladies squeeze my cheeks with that hammerlock that only 80-year-old Jewish and Italian women have when they grab your cheeks and burst your veins. They say, ‘Come on, admit it. You ‘re really a Jewish girl,’ ” says Harper, 50, who will be joining her old pals on CBS’s 20th-anniversary salute to the MTM Show next Monday (Feb. 18). “I usually say, ‘What can I tell you? I’m a closet shiksa. ‘Actually I’m pleased, and what I usually say to people who ask ‘Are you sure you ‘re not Jewish?’ is: ‘In my heart I am.’ ” For the record, Harper is a mixture of Spanish, English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh and French-Canadian ancestry.


One of the longest flirtations in TV history reaches consummation this season when JAMIE LEE CURTIS and RICHARD LEWIS finally fall into bed in ABC’s Anything but Love. “It was phenomenal,” says Lewis, 43. “It took 400 takes. I kept yelling, ‘I don’t like how I did it. Please, let’s do it again.’ I was great in bed 400 times-that’s the magic of television. In real life I have, tops, two orgasms a month. But in this episode the director was kind enough to let me have 400.”