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Glenn Close was quoted in London’s Daily Mail as saying she prefers going through life without a hitch. “I don’t believe in marriage now, and what I say right now is that I’ll never get married again,” said Close, 44, who has been married twice and a while back broke off her four-year romance with producer John Starke, 40, the father of her 3-year-old daughter, Annie. “I don’t particularly think marriage is a natural state. Men and women are so vastly different. There will always be a struggle between them. Why put more pressure on by binding yourself to someone?”


Hot on the birthday heels of Bob Dylan, Rolling Stone drummer Charlie Watts turned 50 on June 2. How has age changed him most? “I tell you, I don’t drink like I used to,” says Watts, who has recorded a jazz album, From One Charlie, with his jazz band, the Charlie Watts Quintet. “I also don’t buy every record out now and try to keep up. I used to buy every Motown record and listen to them over and over. I don’t know what’s happening in rock and roll right now and don’t care. I usually hear records that my daughter plays, and I find myself liking them, only to discover it’s bloody Madonna!”


There’s too much violence and not enough sex in movies and TV these days, contends British actress Amanda Donohoe, who raised eyebrows and plenty of questions as bisexual C.J. Lamb on LA. Law this past season. “Sex is allowed mostly if the woman is passive, not aggressive, otherwise she’s threatening,” says Donohoe, 29, currently starring in the new film Dark Obsession, an erotic thriller directed by her boyfriend, Nick Broomfield. “It’s just as bad in England—it’s a Western-world thing that is rooted in socioreligious conditioning. The Roman Catholic Church has persecuted female sexuality for centuries. Immaculate conception? What is so wrong with conception that they have to immaculate it? Why do they have to clean it up? Because it’s dirty? That really bugs me.”


Despite reports to the contrary, Late Night lord David Letterman isn’t all that miffed over losing The Tonight Show host job to pal Jay Leno, according to Late Night head writer Steve O’Donnell. “I think the very calm, simple phrase which he mentioned to several of us in a meeting was that he was ‘disappointed,’ yet it was what he had expected and anticipated,” says O’Donnell, 36. “We suggested things to do—we even thought about doing ‘The Top 10 Reasons Why I Turned Down The Tonight Show Job’—but Dave didn’t want anything official or formal at all. All of this seems like a lot of brouhaha over what we anticipated for years. He hasn’t been in a bad mood. My office is right next to his, and I didn’t hear any smashing of crockery or any screaming or yelling.”