Peter Castro
February 12, 1990 12:00 PM


“The best present I ever got for Valentine’s Day,” says Miami Sound Machine’s GLORIA ESTEFAN, whose latest album is titled Cuts Both Ways, “is the engagement ring [husband] EMILIO gave me. But he was so impatient, he gave it to me on Feb. 12 in front of his mother, which I could’ve killed him for because how do you react to something like that in front of someone’s mother, for God’s sake? I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know what to do. Emilio’s mother, who I get along with very well, was the one that wanted to be there to see my face. I guess he also needed the moral support. Maybe he figured, ‘Well, if my mom is there, she won’t say no.’ ”


Just because she chooses not to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with her steady, MICK JAGGER, doesn’t give model-actress JERRY HALL a heart of stone. “I never buy him a present for Valentine’s Day,” says Hall, who is currently hawking Diet Coke in TV ads. “I think that’s something the stores invented. Usually, I just send a card. I never received a Valentine’s Day gift in my whole life more than just flowers and a card—maybe I’m missing out on an opportunity here.” Hall, who has had two children (ELIZABETH and JAMES) with Jagger, says, “Yeah, I’d love some more children, maybe in a year or so. Mick and I have talked about it in a ‘maybe’ kind of way.”


Comedian GARRY SHANDLING isn’t as single-minded as he used to be. This Friday (Feb. 9), the bachelor he plays on Showtime’s It’s Garry Shandling’s Show marries his girlfriend, Phoebe (JESSICA HARPER). “I think it confuses people as to how similar the show is to my real life,” says Shandling, who has never been married. “And I think that this show will be a good test to find out if I really ever want to get married in real life. I think anyone contemplating marriage should get their own series and try it out first on television—it’ll save a lot of problems later.” And what are his Valentine’s Day plans? “I don’t look forward to any holidays unless I get them off from work. I haven’t made plans yet. It falls on Feb. 14 this year, doesn’t it?”


NANCY KISSINGER says if she receives anything for Valentine’s Day from her husband, HENRY, to whom she has been married for 15 years, it will be flowers. But, Nancy warns, “We’re both very absentminded. We’ve gotten our anniversary right only once and that was because the office reminded us.” And what has she learned in the 15 years? “I learned to pack fast. We’ve moved eight times, and I can pack in a day.”


ROBERT ENGLUND, the Freddy Krueger of your dreams in the Nightmare on Elm Street films, discovered the ugly truth about Valentine’s Day early. “It was my first lesson in life about the popular versus unpopular kids,” says Englund (with wife Nancy, above). “I got a modicum of valentines, but I remember seeing the ‘homely’ girl—in the third grade you can be homely and you can turn into Kim Basinger by the time you’re in high school—across from me who got no valentines and realizing how traumatic it must have been. I’ve tried to get it up, so to speak, on a romantic level for Valentine’s Day now, but I still remember those terrible days in the third grade.”

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