Peter Castro
March 12, 1990 12:00 PM


During a press conference in Brazil recently, pop singer TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY was asked where he placed himself vis-à-vis PRINCE and MICHAEL JACKSON. “I don’t,” replied D’Arby, 27. “I respect both tremendously. Both are geniuses, one [Jackson] in making money, the other [Prince] in making art. Michael Jackson is driven by money. He is a great businessman, and I’m not afraid to admit that he has influenced me. Prince is bolder and has more vision.” And how does he explain the difference between his 1987 first album and his latest one, Neither Fish nor Flesh? “It’s simple. One sold a lot of records, and the other flopped.”


Actress SALLY KIRKLAND proved a fervent but forgetful fan last year when she met costar KEVIN COSTNER on the set of their recently released movie, Revenge. “I walked up to him and gave him this five-minute speech about how I’d loved him in Bull Durham and The Untouchables and everything else he’d done,” says Kirkland, 45, “and he looked at me and said, ‘Sally, don’t you remember me? About 10 years ago I was paying for acting lessons by working as a stage manager at Raleigh Studios [in Los Angeles]. You were starring with Dennis Hopper in Human Highway, and I would come on the set every day just to watch you guys work.’ I told him that although I didn’t remember him, I was never more flattered.”


Saturday Night Live’s MIKE MYERS says that Deiter, the Teutonic talk show host of Saturday Night Live’s popular recurring “Sprockets” segments, is based on someone he knew in Toronto. “I used to go to this art scene club in Toronto [Myers’s hometown], where he worked, and we became friends,” says Myers, 26. “He was German, but he loved American culture. He’d say things like, ‘Larry [F Troop] Storch is a genius.’ I remember he always had the Book of Merv, you know, MERV GRIFFIN’s autobiography, and he’d say, ‘Merv has an interesting anecdote on page 25.’ Chances are he knows I’m parodying him now, but he’s too cool to call me.”


Actress EMMA SAMMS thinks she knows how to break the sound barrier. Samms, 29, knows American Sign Language, which she says she uses when talking with deaf friends. At a recent GEORGE MICHAEL concert, “We sat very near the speakers, and I signed the lyrics,” she says. “They felt the music and could see the words and loved the show. Afterward I told George that my deaf friends really enjoyed his concert. I still think he has no idea. I mean, it doesn’t sound like much of a compliment, does it?”


Cult film director JOHN WATERS, whose latest movie, Cry Baby, opens April 6, cast heiress-turned-terrorist-turned-housewife PATTY HEARST, 36, in the movie as a Goody Two-shoes mother. “Patty Hearst was great to work with, fun to hangout with,” says Waters, 43. “I think she was the only person on this movie that everyone else was a little bit star struck by. We’d be dining out with [co-stars] RICKI LAKE and JOHNNY DEPP and the rest of the cast, and people would look over at us and say, ‘There’s Patty Hearst. What in the world is she doing with the likes of them?’ I think Patty is a very chic Connecticut housewife with quite a past and quite a future.”

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