Peter Castro
January 08, 1990 12:00 PM


Now that rocker BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN has decided to disband his E Street Band, sax player CLARENCE CLEMONS says he’s finally free to concentrate on cultivating his own career. “After 18 years with [Springsteen], it was like a marriage, and suddenly you hear, ‘I want a divorce,’ ” says Clemons, whose most recent solo album, his third, is titled A Night with Mr. C “It hurt, and I was shocked, but like everything else that hurts, you eventually get over it.” And what effect did Bruce’s girlfriend and fellow member of the E Street Band PATTI SCIALFA have on the group? “I don’t want to comment on that. I don’t know. I don’t have any girls in my band. I’m not a chauvinist, and this is not meant to be a chauvinistic point of view, but I like to rock hard, and that’s why I don’t have girls in my band. I was a football player, and the aggressiveness that I used in football I use in my music and my performances, and we didn’t have girls on our football team.”


When actress JANET JONES married hockey great WAYNE GRETZKY in 1988, she temporarily put her career on ice. But now she says, “Our little girl [Paulina] is a year old, so I finally feel ready to get back to my acting career. As I told Wayne recently, ‘As much as I love hockey, there’s more to life than sitting in the stands, hoping to avoid getting hit in the head by a stray hockey puck!’ ”


Cheers’s KIRSTIE ALLEY hopes to improve her hindsight in the coming year. “Last year I made a resolution to quit smoking and I haven’t had one cigarette all this year,” says Alley. “So now my resolution for 1990 is to lose 15 pounds, and I’m going to do it. And if you really must know, I’m going to take it off my butt.”


Singer JOAN BAEZ, who has spent most of her 30-year career advocating various liberal political and social causes, says for her the ’90s are going to be the Me Decade. “I’ve just come to a bunch of conclusions and made some decisions and am launching the next 10-year period with a real emphasis on using my voice for enjoyment,” says Baez, 48, whose new album is called Speaking of Dreams. She has hired new managers with the intention of reaching a wider audience. “I make these stupendous albums, and I want them to be heard. I finally realized that perhaps because of all the causes I’ve embraced throughout the years, I was being a little too selfless and that it was time to devote a little attention to myself.”


Ex-Monty Python trouper MICHAEL PALIN passed on some souvenirs while shooting Around the World in Eighty Days, a seven-part series that starts on the Arts & Entertainment cable network next Sunday (Jan. 7). “I had just arrived by boat in India,” says Palin, who retraced Phileas Fogg’s route for the show, “and the first thing I got asked by this man was ‘You want a woman?’ So I said, ‘Urn, no, we’ve just arrived, old chap.’ And he said, Two women?’ I said, ‘No, I just want to look at the buildings.’ He replied, ‘You want building?’ I refused again, and he said, ‘If you want, I get you 50,000 women.’ And I said, ‘Now you’re talking.’ ”

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