Peter Castro
September 04, 1989 12:00 PM



I DON’T GIVE A DARN: Although she’s married to a famous rocker, actress-singer CYNTHIA (Dirty Dancing) RHODES refuses to make beautiful music with husband RICHARD MARX (above). “We don’t want to be the new STEVE and EYDIE or DONNY and MARIE,” says Rhodes, whose band and new album are both called Animotion. “He has his thing and I have mine, and it’s a lot better to keep it like that. He may produce some of my songs, but we’ll never do a duet. I just hope that my band stays busy. I don’t want to be stuck home darning Richard’s socks—not that I know how.”

EASY TOUCH: She may play the relentlessly acerbic LaVerne on NBC’s Empty Nest but when she was a struggling actress living in New York City, PARK OVERALL was a case study in meekness. “All these men on the street would speak to me and me being Southern, I’d speak right back,” says Overall. “People were following me around and stuff, and I was just trying to be nice. I’d be like, ‘What? Money? Well, sure. Just a moment, I could spare a dollar, here you are.’ Oh, God, it was ridiculous. I was a walking victim for so long because I couldn’t put on my New York face.”

SON BURN: Rocker JULIAN LENNON says that when it comes to hyping his new record, Mr. Jordan, his recording company, Atlantic, is suffering from promotion sickness. “I feel I’m being crushed by the record company,” says Lennon. “I’ve had no support from them with this album, and it infuriates me. They’re sitting on their fat rumps making excuses about why they’re not giving it full support, and that’s bull. I came out of their offices recently, and an employee came up to me and actually asked me when my next record was coming out! Also, I’m not falling into their idea of who I should be, which is what I fell into with the first and second albums when I was ‘the son of.’ They didn’t actually say that, but it feels like they’re saying, ‘If he’s not going to be “the son of then let him go out on his own.’ ”

THE ART OF THE HYPE: Hollywood agent JAY BERNSTEIN, who guided FARRAH FAWCETT’S early career, recently finished a draft of his proposed autobiography, Fired by 600 Stars and Still Smiling. Perhaps not surprisingly, Bernstein hyperbolically predicts, “This book will be the great earthquake of 1991. It will talk about my times with, among Others, SUZANNE SOMMERS, DONNA MILLS, LINDA EVANS and ROBERT CONRAD. It goes from the time when I was raped fry JAYNE MANSFIELD, pinched on the ass by NOEL COWARD, had an affair with SUSAN HAYWARD and helped create the legend of Farrah Fawcett. And there’s no chance of my being sued, because all I’m doing is telling the truth.”

GLOVE AFFAIR: Former New York Jet MARK GASTINEAU (below) has announced that, with Amazonian amour BRIGITTE NIELSEN, hell be moving to Vancouver to launch—no chuckles, please—Mark’s new career as a heavyweight boxer. “I’ve always felt that Mark’s too unique and too special and too strong to be [just] a member of a team,” Nielsen told the Vancouver Sun. “I also think he’s the only white man on this planet who really has a chance to let MIKE TYSON know what strength is all about. I definitely would not like to see Mark in the ring with Tyson if I didn’t believe in him, because I love him.”

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