Peter Castro
April 10, 1989 12:00 PM




DON’T MAKE ME OVER: Though BOY GEORGE’S handlers are arguing for a change of image with the release of his new album, High Hat, the mascara industry shouldn’t worry about losing one of its best customers. “They say things like, ‘Don’t wear lipstick in your new video,’ ” he says. “That makes me laugh because I sometimes read these heavy-metal magazines, and those guys look like alcoholic housewives. I mean, they look like ugly, tarty women, and they do things like stick oranges down their trousers. At least I look beautiful. I don’t think they’ll succeed in toning me down, though. As long as I’ve got good skin, I’ll carry on wearing makeup.”

POPPER SCOPER: Astrologer JEANE DIXON has the dish on the First Puppies born to BARBARA BUSH’s springer spaniel, Millie, on March 17 and 18. “The puppies born on the 17th will lead an eventful life and have a noble spirit,” says Dixon. “They are more loving. But those born on the 18th will be more charismatic. They will all enjoy publicity. However, sometimes the press will not be complimentary.” Regarding the mother, Dixon adds, “Millie misses her old home. I feel that psychically.”

SINGLE-MINDED: Since her separation from TIMOTHY HUTTON last year, actress DEBRA WINGER has turned philosophical. “I fell deeply in love and got married,” Winger told London’s Observer magazine. “But the fact is that the system doesn’t work for me. It’s what I feel about life in general. I don’t play by the rules. But then the rules are not so great.” Still, when it comes to raising their son, Noah, who turns 2 this month, Winger misses the family ties: “It’s very hard emotionally being a single mother, very isolating. I get very sad.”

A PADDED SELL: Intrepid comedian CHEVY CHASE tried to draw the line at dressing up as a woman in his new film, Fletch Lives. “I hated doing it and fought the studio about taking it out,” says Chase, who goes undercover by slipping into something frumpy onscreen. “We kept it in based on preview reactions, but I felt uncomfortable. I had to wear a big padded bra, huge hip prosthetics. I just felt silly.” Thinking about pal DUSTIN HOFFMAN’S cross-dressing in Tootsie didn’t help. “Dusty comes up to my elbow, you know?” says Chase. “He can get by as a girl. I’m 6’4″ and stood out like a horse.”

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Who’s the Boss’s 16-year-old star, ALYSSA MILANO, is approaching adulthood by the numbers. “I want to get married when I’m about 23,” she says. “I want to have my first kid when I’m like 25 and my last kid when I’m like 36. I want to have four girls and two boys, and I want the two boys to be older than the four girls. If that doesn’t work out, I’m sending them back.”

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