Peter Castro
January 11, 1988 12:00 PM

HOLLY COMMUNION: Just because she gave the actress some tips, a lot of insiders were whispering that Susan Zirinsky, 35, a senior producer at CBS News, was the model for the hard-driving character played by Holly Hunter in James Brooks’s new film, Broadcast News. “I maintain it is a composite character,” says Zirinsky. “There are lots of women in this business, and they are all compulsive and obsessive.” Hunter did, however, prepare for the role by hanging out at CBS’ Washington, D.C., studios with Zirinsky. “She fit right in to the point that you’d want to say, ‘Holly, go into booth two and take in a feed,’ ” says Susan. Does Zirinsky have any complaints about the screen version of her quasi-self? “Yes,” Zirinsky replies. “I’d never wear a strapless dress.” C’mon, not even for a date with dreamboat William Hurt?

WOOD STOCK: Just when Rolling Stones fans were feeling sympathy for those rock ‘n’ roll devils amid rumors of the group’s imminent split, comes satisfaction. Guitarist Ron Wood promises that the group will tour “at least one more time around” later this year. “There was a rift, but I knew all along those bad vibes wouldn’t last,” says Wood. Does he see the band eventually forsaking the road and playing Las Vegas? “I know the tours can’t last forever, and I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the future, but I’ll do a residency in a nuthouse before doing Vegas,” vows Wood. Can you always get what you want?

SPLIT PERSONALITY: This month notorious divorcée and erstwhile Playboy model Roxanne Pulitzer is touring the talk shows to promote her new book, The Prize Pulitzer. In it, she blows her own horn regarding her magnificently messy Palm Beach tattle battle in 1982 with ex-husband and newspaper heir Peter Pulitzer. “It’s much easier two years later to talk about it, now that the pain is gone,” says Roxanne, 36, who got $48,000 in alimony, a Porsche 911 and $36,000 in jewelry, but lost custody of her twin sons in the settlement. “I can laugh at it. And, of course, I can cash in on it.” Of course.

BEVERLY HILLBILLY: Nick Nolte, 45, is a true Hollywood outsider, having moved permanently with his wife, Rebecca, 27, and their 18-month-old son, Brawley, from Los Angeles to her hometown of Charleston, W.Va. “I wanted to go to a place where there is less concentration on show business all the time,” Nolte told London’s the Mail on Sunday, You magazine. That’s where you’ll find Nolte now as he tries to relax after returning from the jungles of Borneo, where he shot Farewell to the King, due this summer. “It’s always hard to wind down,” he said. “I used to drink it off. That just meant staying drunk until the next movie. Then I got over 40, and I couldn’t do that anymore. So then I tried golf. When I finished a film, I’d play golf eight hours a day, and then I twisted my back…. I don’t really know how to relax. I don’t think actors do.”

CHURCH SEARCH: Now that spiritual shepherds Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker are sheepishly off the air, former PTL president Richard Dortch is exploring new channels. “I always watch Church Chat,” Dortch says, referring to NBC’s popular Saturday Night Live segment featuring Dana Carvey. “I find it extremely interesting and very funny. It’s so real, it’s incredible.” Well, isn’t that special?

EAST MEETS WESTHEIMER: Sex guru Dr. Ruth Westheimer thinks she has found a passage to India by way of Robin Leach. The doctor got the idea to travel to the subcontinent with Leach soon after returning from Tanzania where she’d done a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous segment with him. But don’t start getting ideas. “I want to go to India with him, but I’m not interested in his erotic aspects,” she says. “I’m interested in going on a trip with his show because it’s free.”

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