Tim Allis
June 01, 1987 12:00 PM

CAPPING HIS CAREER: His new honorary doctorate of humane letters from the University of Colorado is the nearest thing to a college degree that Robert Redford has, and he’s proud of it. Redford dropped out of the school 31 years ago for “an education through travel and adventure in the streets,” he told reporters, but couldn’t turn down the offer to return. “My father is coming just to see it.” Redford’s daughter Shauna, 26, and son Jamie, 25, graduated from the university two years ago. At the time, Redford was filming Out of Africa in Nairobi. He flew to Colorado for the ceremonies, then immediately returned to Africa. “I was a vegetable for a week,” he said, “but I thought they may be the only people in the family to get degrees.”

GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE HOT AND NOT SO HOT: Try these auctions on for size. Jim McGee and Tom Fiedler, the Miami Herald reporters who staked out Gary Hart’s Washington town house, have offered for auction the footwear they wore on that fateful night that linked Hart with model-actress Donna Rice. Proceeds from the Aug. 20 bidding in Miami will finance scholarships for minority journalists at the University of Missouri. “These aren’t typical gumshoe shoes,” says Fiedler, who wore jogging, uh, sneaks. “If people think we go on stakeouts dressed like stereotypical detectives, that’s wrong. We don’t do this kind of thing all the time.” Meanwhile in Britain, a onetime James Bond vehicle can’t seem to command its $25,200 reserve price at Phillips auction house. Perhaps the lack of interest in the Lotus Esprit prototype, commissioned for United Artists’ 1981 film For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore, can be blamed on missing parts: The car can’t fly, swim or shoot.

THE FRENCH CONNECTION: Princeton University senior Brooke Shields, who graduates June 9, claims no one took serious interest in her until after her first exam freshman year. “It was a psychology exam, and there were 300 kids in the course,” she says. “Three got A’s, and I was one of them. They post grades at Princeton, so everyone saw it, and it gave me credibility. After that everyone wanted my notes.” Added generous Brooke: “I would have handwritten them over and over—150 times—for anyone who asked me.” Shields majored in French literature. Asked if she has a French boyfriend, she responded, “No, but I’m open to suggestions. They say that’s the best way to learn the language.”

OR YOU CAN JUST SEND CASH: She can’t say for sure because filming has just begun, but Jane Curtin hinted that her character on Kate & Allie may marry by the end of next season. “I’m thrilled,” the actress said while at a fund raiser for Northern Lights, an AIDS counseling service, “and I’m registered at Bloomingdale’s in case anyone wants to buy me anything.”

WHEN’S MY LINE? Miller Lite beer commercial, Take One: “Mr. Baseball,” Bob Uecker, seated at a restaurant in historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston and playing his usual loudmouthed braggart, bellows, “Hey, Boston, I love ya. Why, I know everything about Porktown. My own relatives came over on the Sunflower, you know. Yup, landed at Plymouth Dock.” After boasting that he knows “all of the big shots in town,” Uecker asks the white-haired gentleman to his right—so far seen only from behind—if he’s ever heard of Flip O’Neill. Take 47: With the lighting needing constant readjustment and the labels peeling off the beer bottles, former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill still hasn’t had a chance to speak his two-word response, “Sounds familiar.” “You know,” commented an incredulous O’Neill to local TV station WCVB, “up there [in the House of Representatives] with the gavel, national television on you, you pound the gavel and there’s only one take. And you’d better be right. I had no idea we’d be fooling around here for hours like this.” Nearly 60 takes later, O’Neill finally uttered his line for posterity.

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