Michael Neill
June 16, 1986 12:00 PM

SURELY HE CHESTS: Top fashion model Iman has been trying to make the crossover to serious acting. There was her non-speaking role in Sydney Pollack’s Out of Africa, and then a brief guest shot on Miami Vice, in which she played a coke dealer for first-time director Don Johnson. Most memorable was her spot on The Cosby Show, when she appeared as a woman about to give birth. “The first day on the set, Bill waltzed up to me and without so much as a hello said, ‘You’re going to need your breasts to be padded a lot.’ I was shocked,” reports Iman. “I was already padded.”

THE BLOOM IS FINALLY OFF: Every time local newspapers take a poll on the subject, Cincinnati baseball fans vote that Reds player-manager Pete Rose should give up playing and concentrate on managing the team, whose record is decidedly unimpressive. But the 45-year-old Rose isn’t convinced by the polls. “They only polled 250 to 300 people,” he told the Chicago Tribune. “I’ve had that many enemies in Cincinnati since I got divorced. She has a big family.”

RHYTHM ‘N’ BOO-BOO: Jerry Lee Lewis, 50, one of the world’s oldest and most oft-wed rockers, is once again locked in a divorce war, this time with Kerrie McCarver Lewis, 23, his sixth wife. Kerrie is charging that Jerry Lee cursed her, threatened her and, on one occasion, struck her hard enough to bloody her nose. But when Jerry Lee recently broke a knuckle when his car door slammed on it, guess whom he called for help. “You know how men are,” says Kerrie. “They get sick, and they call Mama. Divorce or no divorce, you know who they go running to when they need some tender loving care.” She supplied it by taking Jerry Lee to the hospital, where he had a cast put on.

YO, RAMBO MOMMA: If you think Sylvester Stallone got tough by accident, think again. Sly’s mother, Jackie, 64, has a new business venture: She’s managing the “good guys” side of “The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”—a group that tangles weekly at the Riviera in Las Vegas. Jackie thinks that wrestling is good for women and even practiced on a relative. “I once invited my sister-in-law to stay for a weekend,” she says. “Eight months later she was still there. We got into an argument when I asked her to leave, and she refused. My kids Sylvester and Frankie were in the kitchen with us. They saw me wrestle their aunt down, heave her across the room and send her sailing down the hall.” Her sister-in-law got the message and left the next day.

MARY HARDHEAD, MARY HARDHEAD: Louise Lasser really paid her artistic dues during the making of Crimewave, a film noir spoof recently released on the West Coast. “All the stunts were for real and a little worse than they had to be,” says Lasser, who worked with a budget that didn’t allow for stand-ins or frills. During repeated takes of a scene with co-star Paul Smith, Lasser didn’t make it any easier on herself. “When he was carrying me out the door, he always hit my head,” she recalls. “But I didn’t say anything about it. I didn’t want to inhibit his performance.”

SEX AND THE SINGLE SENIOR: Estelle Getty of NBC’s Golden Girls is often asked her opinions on sex and the aging woman. She isn’t shy about giving them. “The thing about growing old,” she said at the opening of an adult residence in Miami, “is that you must not stop doing anything, whether it is hang gliding or hand washing.” Getty, who is nearly 20 years younger than her 80-year-old character, explained that meaningful sex “is hard for a single woman of any age.” But, she said, “If you view sex as a recreational sport, it’s easier.”

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