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What’s In A Name?

Robert De Niro: The name radiates musical lilt, according to British pop rockers, Bananarama, the madcap girl group which this month releases a song called Robert De Niro’s Waiting. So surprised was De Niro to hear he would become immortal in song that he called the rockers while he was in London and made a date to meet them for a drink. “The song is about a girl who is having a hard time with blokes and hates them all except Robert De Niro,” explains bubbly singer Keren—the group doesn’t go in for last names. Another singer, Sarah, says of their idol, “He was so excited that we would still think of him as a sex symbol even though he is over 40.” And she adds, “We told him that originally it was going to be Al Pacino’s Waiting, but we found that Robert De Niro sounded better. He thought that was very funny.”

Back To School

In Barbra Streisand’s turn-of-the-century film, Yentl, a woman disguises herself as a man so she can go to school. In Barbra Streisand’s 20th-century Los Angeles, a woman disguises herself behind dark glasses, a black hat and unpretentious clothing so she can sit at the back of a class at USC. Though only an auditor in the lectures on the role of men and women in society, Barbra plans to donate funds for similar courses—and she contributes to the subject matter, too. Female escorts bring her in after class begins and rush her out just before it ends so she won’t cause a ruckus. Which shows she’s come a long way since Yentl’s day. Now, despite her disguise, Barbra can’t go incognito.

I Want To Hold Your Saltshakor

Boy, those McCartneys sure manage to get caught breaking a lot of rules. First, all that stuff with marijuana. Now a former member of Paul’s group, Wings, has told the British press about another McCartney vice: petty theft. Said guitarist Denny Laine about the multimillionaire couple: “They find it fun to nick the odd trinket from a hotel. Linda even showed me little things she helped herself to. Nothing of value, of course. An ashtray or saltshaker, perhaps. It seemed as though she had taken them just for the buzz of doing something naughty.” His conclusion: “I guess you can get very bored when you have that much money.”

Get-Well Calls

If you found yourself belly up and bandaged on a hospital bed, you might say these words if a young beauty called often to cheer you up: “She is the most sincere, understanding and interesting girl I’ve ever known. We talk on the phone for hours without getting bored.” And that’s exactly what Michael Jackson said about his pal, and date at his birthday extravaganza, Brooke Shields.

Tight-Skinned, Not Tight-Lipped

On this week’s Hour Magazine, which is taped, dancer Juliet Prowse surprised host Gary Collins and the audience by owning up to a face-lift and a breast-enlargement operation. “I decided when I turned 50 that I was going to have a pair of knockers,” she announced, “because I lived 50 years without them, putting pads in, taking pads out, and I thought ‘I’m sick and tired of this.’ ” As for the face-lift, she bragged, “I could have waited easily another five years because I didn’t have bags or lines, but I wanted to do it before it became such an obvious thing that I had had it done.” Talk about saving face.

Stronger Than T

The A-Team’s Mr. T., who hates drugs as much as he likes publicity, won’t bellow with joy when he hears how some New Yorkers exploit his name. Cops busting dope dealers on the Lower East Side discovered that “Mr. T” is a brand-name for heroin. According to Inspector John Clifford, dealers print T’s moniker on glassine envelopes as “a guarantee of quality. Like anyone else, they need a catchy name.” Mr. T’s lawyers like to keep on the lookout for rip-offs of his name or likeness. They may fail at stopping this one.