Michael Small
March 19, 1984 12:00 PM

Scandalous Decision

Daryl Hannah and Aidan Quinn, stars of the teenage-rebel flick Reckless, seem to agree with the critics’ pans. They stopped by a Manhattan screening last month just long enough to smile for the cameras, then slipped out the door. One bystander who caught them in the act asked if they had ever seen the movie. “Nope,” answered Daryl. “And I don’t want to either.” Aidan, touted as the new James Dean, appeared similarly disgruntled. “I need a drink right now,” he said. But the fresh air revived the duo. They headed to a theater down the block to see another one-word-title movie bomb, Scandalous.

Strange Bedfellow

Linda Sawford, 40, remembers that there were a few drawbacks to living with a guy named Reg Dwight for nine months during the late ’60s. He made too many calls home to Mom, worried too much about losing his hair, asked her to help pay for her own engagement ring, and then called off their wedding ten days before the big day. So when she heard about the marriage of her dearly un-beloved, who now calls himself Elton John, to recording technician Renate Blauel, Linda spoke up. “I’m not a bitter woman and I really hope he makes a success of marriage,” she told the London Sunday Mirror ungallantly. “But if Renate is expecting romance, she has picked the wrong guy. He was lousy in bed.”

Kitty Lucre

Move over, Morris. Bonkers, the famous feline on All My Children, plans to dig his claws into the cat-food market. He will grace a poster for a Bonkers Cat Treats contest, taking advantage of the name he shares, apparently by coincidence, with the product. Bonkers’ owner, All My Children producer Jacqueline Babbin, thinks her cat makes the perfect spokespurrson. “He is known for more than just eating food. Bonkers is a sophisticated gentleman. He’s no ordinary alley cat from Center City.” The recipient of up to 45 fan letters a month, Bonkers will be ring bearer at an upcoming AMC remarriage between Daisy and Palmer Cortlandt. But he usually keeps his fur out of the steamy soap’s monkey business. “He’s quite respectable,” explains Babbin. “And quite above all this.”

Do You Know Him?

Don’t pay any attention to what it says on his American Express card. Karl Maiden’s real name is Mladen Sekulovich, and Karl has a weird way of owning up to it. To the chagrin of writers and directors, he tries to sneak his real name into the scripts of his movies. In an upcoming CBS TV movie, Intent to Kill, Maiden had his way during a street scene he filmed in Dallas. As the cameras rolled, someone in the crowd greeted him. The actor answered, “Hi, Sekulovich.” Score another for Mladen.

The Gap Is Back!

During their years with the ’60s supergroup Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick and Paul Kantner caught onto all the hippie trends long before anyone else. Now making more conventional rock sounds with the Jefferson Starship band, Grace and Paul (who never married) leave the new fads to their daughter, China, 13. As Grace admitted on NBC’s local New York talk show, Live at Five, “It’s hard for China to rebel when both her father and I and all the adults around her are screwier than she is. Her idea of rebelling for awhile was being a preppy. She would correct me in supermarkets if I’d swear. She’d go, ‘Mom, not here.’ But now we have MTV and she’s gone from being a preppy to looking like a cross between Boy George and Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran.” Spoken like a true mom.


Ben Vereen, who guest stars on the ABC sitcom Webster, says he settled the $26,698 tax debt to California that made news last December. “We all make a boo-boo at some time,” he says. “But some people’s boo-boos get magnified more than others’.”

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