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Stellar Forecast

In the days leading up to John Hinckley Jr.’s verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity, the attending press scrutinized his horoscope in the Washington Post. (He’s a Gemini.) As the jury retired to deliberate, the horoscope said, “Temporary confinement ultimately works to your advantage. You are on the brink of a breakthrough. Know it, be confident, shake off fears and doubts.” Two days later, as the jury pondered on, the horoscope soothed, “You’ll have more suitable quarters. Security will be enhanced.” And finally, on the day the decision was announced, astrologer Sydney Omarr enthused, “You could hit jackpot! Accent on creativity, change, variety and money from surprise source. Celebration is due!”

Broadway or Bust

Carlin Glynn, who has played Mona, the madam of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, during most of the Broadway play’s four-year run, isn’t thrilled about having been replaced by Dolly Parton in the movie. “Miss Parton,” she says, “is adorable, but we’re not in the same business. It’s like comparing apples and oranges—or watermelons.”

On the Water Front

Lionel Hampton, 69, working on a book on the early history of jazz, recalled the time he appeared in Dallas in 1936 with Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa and Teddy Wilson in the first—according to Hampton—racially integrated combo. During that appearance, Hampton remembered, he tried using a for-whites-only drinking fountain and a policeman told him to stop. Goodman intervened, and eventually, says the Hamp, “I drank out of the white folks’ fountain. To my surprise,” he adds, “I found the water tasted the same.”

Passing Grade

She was Burt Reynolds’ leading lady in Sharky’s Machine and Steve Martin’s flame in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and is currently shooting the ABC miniseries The Thorn Birds. Now word is out that Rachael Ward made a sleazy sexual terror film in 1980. There is talk of re-releasing the picture, called Night School, which did so poorly its first time out that it was shelved after only a few weeks. “I’m flattered that they think The Thorn Birds could mean the success of that movie,” says Stan Margulies, producer of the miniseries, which will be aired next year. And how does he feel about his star’s past? “Everyone has to start somewhere,” he says. “I’m just glad she’s not playing a nun in The Thorn Birds.”

Not Her Bag

For four years she was the Second Lady; lately she has been out on the hustings drumming up support for her husband’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. So it’s no wonder Joan Mondale doesn’t feel like a private citizen. Yet she managed three such days in North Carolina, where she went to present an award to choreographer Merce Cunningham. It was the first time in years, she said, that she was on her own. “I walked out of the airport and got into my car.” So? “I left my bags standing there. I just forgot about them.” Elaborated Joan: “For years I never had to think about suitcases. Other people did that for you.”


•One result of Pope John Paul II’s historic visit to England, joked the British press, could be excommunication for the owner of a small pottery shop. Displayed in the window of the store in Stoke-on-Trent were mugs, plates and saucers bearing a head-and-shoulders portrait of the Pope. And on each of them was a decidedly unholy label: “Imperfect.”

•Jerry Remy, the Boston Red Sox second baseman, explained why he doesn’t like to play golf. “When I hit a ball,” Remy says, “I want someone else to chase it.”

•Bob Hope, while rehearsing his most recent TV special, said he once had to fire a young production assistant. “He was just like a son to me,” joked the comedian. “Rude, demanding, lazy and ungrateful.”